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  1. Many Thanks clo06 One i have never played or seen
  2. I totally forgot about this one Played it a lot back in the days And now thats my friday evening sorted for an hour or two Many many thanks for all your hard work clo06. Its much appreciated
  3. Wow a real blast from the past A true seaside & funfair special this machine. Many thanks Amusements
  4. lineup

    BFM - King of Clubs

    Another problem clo06. Nudges are lighting up wrong. I got 7 nudges but never let me gamble to 8. Then just now i got 2 nudges and lost gamble so had 1 nudge, And it nudged in a win in 2 nudges So on the first one i must of had 8 nudges. and second one i must of been on 3 nudges .
  5. lineup

    BFM - King of Clubs

    Thats sorted it. Many thanks clo06
  6. lineup

    BFM - King of Clubs

    Hi clo06. This wont register any credit when i insert into the slot or by pressing 0 It makes the sounds of money going in and thats it ?
  7. lineup

    BFM - King of Clubs

    I loved playing this in our club under aged Many thanks clo06 Your the golden oldie clubber Queen
  8. Superb stuff dad & very quick service. I have a peak around later :) Many thanks for all your time .
  9. Hi dad. I have just joined your dads forum under this username. I cant wait to get in
  10. Many thanks clo06 A clubber i have never played.
  11. Many thanks vectra666 A cracking machine this,I loved it.
  12. Many thanks clo06 Loving these global clubbers
  13. Many thanks vectra666 Looks great.
  14. Superb stuff clo06 Been waiting for this for a few years now. Thank you
  15. Many thanks vectra666
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