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  1. Those buttons on the top right look cool, do they work?
  2. Everytime I see this, it i'm blown away. Outstanding work @johnparker007, I salute you sir!!!
  3. I love to get involved in something like this. Looked at unity a long time ago, managed to get some 3d reels spinning but very basic. Nothing like this. I need to have a proper read through all of this when I get chance
  4. This is the most impressive thing I have seen in years! Thanks for sharing
  5. I never did get to meet you but would have done if I could have prized that Wild Cherries from you! Still can't believe it. You were 1 in a.... well would like to say million but more than that. You brought a great deal of pleasure to many and for what? You never asked for a penny for all the years of hard work you put in. Always happy to help as you helped me out a few times. A truely sad day, RIP Chris.
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