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  1. Aaaand it's merged now. Looks like the SRU driver is currently finished for real this time
  2. Finally got it through! Looks like the backlogged SRU Lite a Line is up next now. Good work with the layouts as always I've been slowly figuring out bits of Black Box hardware as well - haven't started on the driver yet, but work is underway.
  3. MPU1 didn't make it unfortunately, Vas (the guy reviewing most of the pull requests) was busy this month and simply didn't have time to check all of them. Just how things go on volunteer projects sometimes, should be in next month though. If anybody wants it right now then I can just put a build that has it somewhere myself
  4. Interesting stuff, I thought Lucky Casino/Club Casino was the only club SRU machine, guess I was wrong Haven't seen any dumps for this one. Well looks like the whole thing is coming together now, that is great! Very nice facelift overall Also I think most of the MPU4 lamp extenders have been sorted now in the current code. Road Hog at least has the correct one.
  5. Yep, in this case I already know most of the lamps from doing the layout, wouldn't be that much work to figure out the rest since I can see all the accesses in the disassembly anyway, and I could then put together a list once anyone's interested
  6. Sounds good I gave it a try in MFME, the ROMs run but I couldn't get the lamp extender to work, so for many of the lamps you can add them, but they won't actually light up. Seems to be working alright otherwise. That's the machine alright, great find! Seems they moved the reel symbols around because there aren't any bars with the same symbol around it, but otherwise it's spot on. Thank you
  7. Maybe eventually add camera X/Y/Z/angle controls somewhere like Visual Pinball has? Kinda nice for fine tuning the camera position to just where I like it. Been looking at some other stuff while the MPU1 code goes through. After receiving a tip from @wolf676 I discovered a mislabeled SRU ROM set that turned out to be a Dutch game, which is something I didn't expect to see . I'd stumbled across it beforehand, but when I ran it at the time it was doing funny things and not working right, so I just figured it was a bad dump. Fixed a bug and added some extra hardware, and now it works fine. The name of this particular game remains a mystery right now though, I found a Dutch site with pictures of some SRU games, but it's not any of those. So I don't know what this game is called, but what I can do is figure out how it plays, so I decided to do just that. Found the locations of the reel symbols in the game code, then played it a bunch, stared at the code, then played it again and so forth. Now I know how the game works, so I threw together this very quick and dirty "layout": There's many things missing, like the paytable which I couldn't be arsed to add (making MAME artwork files by hand involves manually typing in XY coordinates of everything on the screen, it gets old real fast ). The symbol names definitely aren't correct as they're guessed based on what the other games have, still better than calling them Symbol1/Symbol2 though. Also found some very interesting stuff while looking through the code. 3 of the symbols give you bonus points when you get four of them lined up and these bonus points can make you quite a bit of money. However on every spin there's a 50% chance for the machine to just straight up block these symbols from appearing at the same time. Quite sneaky that, I'd imagine anyone even slightly involved with playing modern fruits knew how "random" they were, can't imagine anyone expected this in the late 70s/early 80s though. (BTW @johnparker007 I made a few changes to SRU in regards to layouts - the display digit outputs are in reverse order now and extender lamps now get inverted as they should be. I see you're doing MPU4 stuff right now, but thought I'd give a heads up once this code eventually appears in MAME)
  8. Well I had a look, you're correct in that the driver has no sound, the code for it consists of a comment saying "?". From a quick investigation it seems that the sound hardware is not very complicated, just one register that controls the frequency of the tone. Problem here is that I don't know what that frequency is or how the sound is exactly generated. That manual is sadly not much help on the technical side of things. Seems like Ace deliberately didn't publish any schematics, and they also had a habit of sanding labels off chips, so a board photo won't help much and tracing your own schematics would be much more difficult. Maybe sometime I could possibly end up with something that sounds close to correct with some experimentation, but not right now, I'll probably end up looking at Black Box or something next.
  9. Standard stuff there really, I wasn't expecting it to get in on the 1st try in the first place. MAME has some code standards to maintain, 25 year old project after all with a lot of tech debt, don't want to be creating more of it
  10. Nice to hear about progress as always! Replicating someone else's text wrapping sounds like a fun thing to do
  11. Something is there indeed Not quite in yet as it needs to get through code review first, but very likely that MPU1 will appear in this month's MAME
  12. Must have missed that SRU one, it's in now, thanks for the find! Looks like it's a machine called Super Shuffle, can't recognize the manufacturer though. No idea what "SCH" is. I also finally got a hold of the fruit ROMs torrent and had a look through the unknown stuff. No dice regarding MPU1, found a fair amount of Black Box ROMs though. Nice job! Definitely more of a fresher look compared to the old pile of flat colored rectangles Save states are a very neat feature, particularly handy when it comes to doing reel skills for example
  13. Great work, keep em coming! Here it is, quite a convenient resource. Some of the games there are a total mystery, like whatever Super Star is, and apparently they had some sort of early video tech going. BTW there's 3 different sizes of ROMs that were used: two 0.5K's, one/two 1K's and a single 2K, so any of these can be valid. If you've got the unknown ROMs from the dat somewhere, then I can have a look to see if anything might be MPU1. MPU4 has a lot of improvements but it's still under construction. SRU is almost done for the time being, minus a commit for Lucky Casino sound which didn't make it for this month. All it needs now are some internal layouts, which are on the way
  14. Golden Nudge It Match It Match Up (£2 version of Match It) And some Leisure Games ones: Big Apple Lucky Nudger (seems to play exactly like Big Apple) Big Apple £2 version, has more sounds and stuff Yep I have that one, looks like there was also an MPS game called Match It. I looked at some of the unknown ROMs that I had, didn't find anything there. MPU1 seems a bit short on dumps compared to the others, quite a few games on that Barcrest list that I couldn't find. Hopefully they'll show up one day though.
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