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  1. On 29/10/2020 at 14:21, Multi Retro Man said:

    Even selecting them using the mouse (or trackpad in my case as it's a laptop) still doesn't do anything.

    The problem is the original roms were scorpion 4 I then used a scorpion 5 set which balled a few buttons up

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  2. High Roller Wdx

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    17 minutes ago, davep180 said:

    Thanks Tommy, it's a lovely looking layout as usual from you. 

    I can't help with a fix, but my hi lo gambles are all over the place too.


    Should now be fixed mate.

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  3. High Roller Wdx

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    2 hours ago, Multi Retro Man said:

    Love the graphics etc. but there's one thing that's confusing me..... I gambled lower but the number was higher and it was okay. I then went lower, and the number was lower, but it said wrong choice but sometimes it accepts it as correct.

    Am I missing something? (not having a go, I've just never played it before and wondered why it was doing it)

    Thank you :)

    Try the game now i've updated and sorted the band out. :)

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