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  1. In most cases, they were basically an "alternative" way to jackpot a clubber. Both being maxed doesn't necessarily mean they're ready to drop, since it's possible just to set them to max when you reset the machine, and technically still have to "build" to jackpot level (you just dont see it). However if they've built up over time, probably more likely to drop, but of course not guaranteed. The reserve, presumably, is just to set the cashpot back to having something in it, so it's not at zero for the next player that comes along.
  2. Not 100% sure but try this: Load game -> once layout is loaded check S Door and C Door -> once machine has fully reset check refill -> click top up. then uncheck all and let it reset.
  3. Memory could be playing tricks on me but it sounds like the lo-tech that started the feature with 3 monkeys in circles, anywhere in view? Pretty sure it was called Monkey Business, had them many moons ago in the Gala where i used to work.
  4. Did you wait hours till it finished counting to see if it tried to pay it?
  5. Has he to "shit" it down, because that's the general consensus on deal or no deals?
  6. Ironically i was just about to post about Spiker, once you're invincible and you land on Game Over, it'll do the "Game Over sequence" then light back up invincible to let you continue. Had no idea about the Hi/Lo thing tho.
  7. Honestly no idea what to say to this other than to repeat/echo what everyone else has said. Truly a legend has been lost. RIP Chris.
  8. No idea, but presumably you've put this in the wrong place, because it says it's a release
  9. Holy shit that's awesome. Hope you enjoy the gallons of wine Wizard
  10. Donate done, many thanks for your continued work Wizard
  11. Forgot all about this one. Played it a bit today, should drop from about 20 quid or so from this RAM. Big Deal Club Wdx.rar
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