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  1. Thanks for this Tommy, really like these JPM clubbers. Noticed when i loaded it says, V20.1 is required, but when i press check for updates, nothing happens? Probably being a total diddy, but any idea what i'm doing wrong? Never mind, sorted, scan deleted update.exe and didn't notice
  2. @niallquinn yes! thank you, was driving me mental lol.
  3. Anyone any idea what the feature music is on this? Sounds so familiar but can't think for the life of me what it is
  4. Oh man, I was so hoping this was coming after the CnR's and here they are. Thanks a lot to all involved
  5. Christ no, sorry. Far too many moons ago now lol.
  6. Funnily whilst i was playing the £100, was thinking about what you said about CP coming from Millionaires Row, and thought to myself, i've never ever actually seen it do that. Literally 5 spins later, this happened lol. (CP was of course flashing which is why it's out ) I'll hit it again tomorrow, see if i can get from reels, unless someone beats me to it.
  7. I'll give it a go, I've stuck another £30 through £75, but it really is a borefest haha. I'll try a few through the £100 one just now, see how it goes. As for your theory, i 100% agree, like i say one was in snooker club for ages years ago and it'd happily pay CP then JP shortly after, then all of a sudden after a CP win, granted it'd still pay a few quid after, never JP.
  8. No problem sir I did try it on the £75 one too, but i completely forgot how mind numbing 5p/£75 is lol. And i know 10p/£100 does it, because i've had it from the real thing in snooker hall
  9. Yeah reflex's aren't bad either for forcing, the £2 stake of course helps on the 400 quidders. Both Very and AWP Rich Geezers scale nicely in new MFME too, really enjoying playing them both again 2013 is 100% right, and 8 years? Nowhere near long enough, keep it up
  10. Excellent first release, thank you
  11. Oh man, that is top notch Tommy, thanks a lot
  12. I forced tons of clubbers that have been done (seems it's becoming my function here ). I've actually recently stumbled over @vectra666s Very Rich Geezer, and working on that atm, because imo both the AWP and the Clubber are two of Bellfruit's greatest, I had no idea it was even out there. (Thanks again vecs :D) But they're seemingly completely different to each other, I've seen some £250's go after 400ish in, Club Caeser's Palace by @Clo06 took a grand before it paid the £250 with nothing out, this one may very well do the same, but the gameplay was just too boring and repetitive for me. Some are ridiculously easy to push, e.g. Barcrest's Club Psycho Cash Beast / Club Big Brother and other clones (the RAMs for those should be in the happy ram rar in the downloads section), some are stupidly difficult to get, so yeah totally different per machine it seems.
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