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  1. Friggin' awesome. Individuals & group.
  2. I also thought the potential was great, especially for complete emu solutions (current option requires windows10+ PC (I d/won't use).
  3. @Chopaholic Did the DX of this one ever appear for you fella ??
  4. Trouble with people. Some are just straight up wanks. The term donation shouldn't ever need expanded on, Reg. Assume his account has been chkd for any kind of homophobia (I know...! But due diligence will make you safer.) Because, sadly, people.
  5. I like the idea these old mt cassettes are still kicking around.
  6. Thanks for the couple i've had from you fella. Very much appreciated.
  7. A lot of folks know that feeling MM I'm still salty over selling my vectrex from nearly 40 years ago... lol
  8. Assume that runs in a of Simon?? I have a lousy pc so went to Raspberry pi for my game habit. Guessing similar style with themes and kicking if multiple emus via some backend scripts. (In my builds it's emulation station on retropie) Very similar layouts and allowing hundreds (thousands) of games for supported by dependant he (PS1/N64/DC kinda start to fail on my p3b but supposedly good on the 4. Easy as heck to swap out builds too. .
  9. All my vidya games have long gone sadly. No I fire up the emus but at 50 I finally stopped buying. Since I was about 9 however I've had just about every console and since SNES buying imports because 6 months earlier! But the most value to me was art of fighting for Neo Geo cost over 200 UK's finest £'s when I bought it. Started getting looks from the misses so didn't do that too often. Obviously Intrinsic value of ROMs isn't apples to apples but I have a name ROM called 'Bastard' which is probably one of the few I'd never heard of. Considering I've been collecting ROMs for perhaps 20 of years. Japanese title but English (English) with curse words a plenty. Unusual release.
  10. Hey John, any benefit to running that stress test with mipmapping on ? I assume unity shaders can be 'switched' or plugged into shader nodes.?! See, I'd like to ramp the display #s up with & without 'mm' until the CPU/GPU trade off is giving out performance numbers (but I also realise its not really necessary but 'maybe' helpful determining optimal distances for your arcade walkabouts and mm levels? Sorry mate, Sunday morning wake n bake.
  11. This is a Herculean effort right here John. Fantastic stuff - keep it up fella.
  12. F'king blow me... This is the machine I used to have back in the 80s. Older bigger 5ps and a broken power connection, 13 yo me got a belt off it. Damn, to see it again...! Thanks
  13. This is great stuff folks. Seen JPs unity stuff folks on yt, led me to this place. So many questions from a nosey b'stard like me who wants the in's n out's 0f the cats a$s. I'll ask a quick one in the hope the locals are friendly to new guys. Is there any kind of open mic for 'those in the know' via discord/yt et el? would be great to plug into somewhere you folks talk about the meaty stuff within the slots emu world and be a great support for those like me who are just getting to grips with the various disciplines required for good emulation. Am still browsing through the older threads so if its prominent it'll come up i guess. But for now, thanks for wowing the new guy folks. Really impressive stuff and I can see the directions being tried n tested here (upscaling, 3d environments /models, light masking ... ) all coming to a shift in the not to distant future in how these games are digested (JP your arcade models with proximity properties is an excellent example). Am grateful to be here, thanks again. JN
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