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  1. Thank you . I will try it tomorrow. Going to hook up a different tower and start fresh. Thank you.
  2. Hi everyone. I'm getting my machine up and running ready to build a cabinet . I'm having trouble at the start . Any help would be much appreciated. I've setup fruitbar for my front end menu. I've got the machine on the front screen no problem. I'm wanting the themes to be shown but that's where I'm having trouble. In the fruit machine file I've made a themes folder and put the .gam and the themes pictures in there with .png and _back.png as it says on all sites to do. But I'm getting nothing coming up just the blank fruit machines . Please any help. Thank you
  3. That's great . I will try that. I've only put order in for ipac2 and monitor and computer. I've seen a Azkoyen U Plus Parallel Hopper 24V on ebay so thinking that would suit because I see lots of instructions for that hopper. Really going to enjoy this build and many thanks for help. Will keep updated of my progress.
  4. hi , dave back with questions. this is prob a question thats been answered. but ive tried to search with no luck. im looking to buy the parts for my mfme machine build. ive found a list of parts needed to start just need some help with a wiring diagram. im sorry for asking these questions but i had a stroke last year and things wont stick in my brain anymore so everything i do needs to be wrote down to give me visual references. i would appreciate any links or images to help . thank you to everyone that could guide me .
  5. thank you. ive made retro arcade machines with my own prints but i think the fruit machines look a bit more technical. i will take all the advice i can get . thank you
  6. Thank you. I will check that out soon as.
  7. Hi, I've not received an email to say I'm a full member but looks like I have more access to site. I would like to thank everyone for your support. Nice weeks ahead
  8. Hi, I'm dave new to this but with help willing to learn and hopefully add some of my knowledge of arcade machines. I'm really wanting to start building my own casino machine . So as a question what is the best way to start and build a fruit machine being its my first time and prob will need help . Start slow and build from there. Thanks everyone
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