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    thank you woodsy thats better all working now nice machine and layout well done
  1. Another excellent layout thanks vecs
  2. hi infection would it be possible for you to put one or both of the pictures you have for twister on here please 

  3. andy2020

    Bank Raid (pcp)

    great machine ginge done a good job there
    another great machine by vectra666 thank you
  4. the streak button dont work either
  5. ive sorted it ive just gone in to dx lamp creator and moved the slider on the brightness and its gone now sorry for that
  6. yeah using 20.1 7.zipive sent you a zip file showing the machine
  7. hi thanks for getting back repeat chance is against £3 and super lights are matrix filler and super cash thanks
  8. hi just downloaded this dx great machine just 3 problems theres one repeat chance and two super lights stay on with a green back ground how can i fix this please thanks
  9. hi can someone tell me if you donate are you allowed more downloads 


  10. thanks for this layout a fantasic job done
    great machine looks great real joy to play
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