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  1. puglifeuser11


    can this be done
  2. WIZARD A AMAZING MAN thanks buddy for showing everybody why fruit machines are amazing
  3. im a idiot i just saw hypalinx and accidently clicked invaders and i have just used my last download for the week THANKS THO @bungle
  4. hi everyone is there a hypalinx file on here thanks
  5. puglifeuser11


    Would this be possible
  6. Hey everyone just wanted to say that ive been thinking about everyone with the recent news i hope everyone is ok and my thoughts are with wizards family
  7. Just shows how powerful this community is We all stick together and get through this
  8. Let’s remember a great man who did something that is amazing he made a fruit machine emulator AMAZING we will remember you FOREVER
  9. puglifeuser11


    This would be great never played
  10. Can someone plz tell me what to do to make this run quicker
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