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  1. I don't know what to say to you here as it's always gone OK for me - I've done 5 runs and here are the results: Two of the first four runs I've just stopped at around 100 up Two of the runs I've had a Go All The Way board at about 20 up - now in the real world I would have taken the GATW for a 50 profit overall - on these runs I've noticed this kills the bust (which BTW did a 25 bust both times on the GATW board) Fifth run is the one in the video and as I said I was messing around killing off boards on that at first - ended 200+ up I'm not holding anyhting back - it's just buzz it up then bust your heart out. There are times where you are putting more in than you get back but they soon subside and you suddenly make a bundle out of nowhere. As for the theory - many of these DOND games have a separate game and bust pot - but they aren't totally sepaerate - there is kind of an overlap where one pot will nick a few quid from the other. There are even cases where the game pot has some separation too. In this case it seems the bust pot is taking the game value but not totally and thus there is still some value there - this is shown on the instances where suddenly you get a GATW.
  2. Can You Beat The Banker ? Turns out you can with this nifty little trick involving the Cash or Bust feature. Noel declares 'You have won that is your money now' as you bust your way to profit in the video below. Thanks to @vectra666 for this great Dx About the video: Started after I'd got the machine into about the right state and already busted a couple of big wins. The first third or so of the video may be a bit confusing - you will see me kill off or avoid boards - that was because I thought busting shortly after a big win would always result in busts or low wins - that theory was wrong and I abandoned it - at some point later on you will see 3 big busts in a row within something like 20 quid of credits. So really the second half of the video is better. @Chopaholic you might want to do a better video - from downloaded state bung about 50 through on 50p stake. Then play boards (not collecting) until you see two that offer £20 or better on the cash stack. Then start busting every board on entry.
  3. Will upload to YT over the weekend and post a link and some more comments
  4. OK I've just done another run and I've videod this one - I stopped at over 200 up. Now the first half of the video is a bit drawn out because I had this theory that if it boarded soon after a 25/WS/35/MS win then it would always bust or low win so why not just kill those boards (or try not to board). That theory was wrong as you will see in the second half - I've had three 25 wins in a row within less than about 20 quid in. So I recycled more than was necessary I think. No 'Go All The Way' problem this time so I still need to investigate whether it will recover from that in time. Won't put the video up yet - maybe the second half would be most useful ?? - whole thing is an hour long . Better chop does one because mine has no commentary.
  5. It does work on those ROMs but there is a Go All The Way issue which seems to mess it up. I've done 4 runs now - all profitable - at least two over 100 up and bear in mind I've been about 70 deep (starting from downloaded state) before starting the bust. As I say there's an issue when it gives IM on board entry as you are doing this - I'm trying to figure out if there's a way round this or it is a chip that half fixes it. Remember in the real world some were single hopper 125 and hardly worth the bother unless full. The dual hopper 250 with notey you had to recycle your coins as notey only took notes not payed them back - so maybe looking at a 150ish profit from full.
  6. I was already thinking that - a nice vid for chop to do with a Dx Not sure it was ever chipped was it ?
  7. It was £20 mate as you've now concluded
  8. Perfect idea - video of setups in test mode where you can explain what's what then do some natural play to show it all in action
  9. Yes the one you posted here 31 May - I got about half way through it then had to go somewhere. Liked the way it took some thought (and no plugging )
  10. Ah good because I only got half way through one of them
  11. If you search for Deal Or No Deal What's In Your Box ? Wdx 1.0.0 it is apparently the early ROMs for the Winstopper empty.
  12. Had a couple of goes at this only doing the spot the ball (so ignoring lines). It does seem to have some kind of overpay watchdog in it - both times it's suddenly died without reason, admittedly you are well in profit by that point though.
  13. If you read above there is a £35 version. Don't know if it was £25 or £35 but the early ROM had the change stake empty
  14. Used to love this back in the day - even though there's not too much going on a lot of casuals didn't see more than what's happening with the reels. Glad it was resubmitted because I've been playing this the last few days (not with the happy files yet). Anyone spotted the single bars error yet (not a layout error) ? 'Good Hunting' to all
  15. @Chopaholic does a red cash value (the one that wouldn't give the £100) give the chance of repeat of the actual value or repeat of another dapple ? If it's the value you could have taken the £50 red far earlier ? because that would be £100 (if landed) and that came before the MS went red. Also we know these don't do £200 so no chance of the £100 giving a repeat. Back to it not landing on the £100 - yeah that has to be a bug - all I can say is "NO WAY !!!" I played one of these once and got stuffed - the worst of that layout type IMO
  16. So the other day I reached over 4000 up on Banker's Bonus. 8401 in for 12469 out. It's actually surprising that you can profit on this empty as it needs so many things to go your way.Firstly you need Deal or No Deal open (or something like super streak) which in itself is not a problem. Secondly you need to land on the Bonus square and then you need that bonus to be Activate Bank It. Once on the square you can use hi/lo to get another bonus but on a bad number that may end your game. Lastly when you finally select Cash or Bust you actually want it to Bust, else everything you did was a waste of time. The program on this is a bit weird is it can suddenly decide it's not going to open Deal or No Deal for like £20 even though no value has been taken. Then let's say you don't get your Activate Bank It bonus. Now you need another board and let's say you get as far as Cash or Bust but the bust lands. A few times I'd put £50 through without even getting a chance at Cash or Bust. Another I'd put over £100 through before a Cash or Bust landed on Bust. So this can be really expensive. Had I tried more than one of these in the real world I would have been so frustrated, particularly with the Cash or Bust NOT landing on Bust. I would have put my fist through these I'm sure. Some observations: Ideal setup is double Deal or No Deal, Activate Bank it lit again (after the bank), Swap box lit, Message from the Banker lit. I found taking Message from the Banker after first Deal or No Deal Banker's offer can be quite useful - it can eliminate more blue values (upping the offer), actually up the offer (only usually a couple of quid though) or best is change the box. Now the problem here is it can swap for a worse value so only do this on a really bad box. Single Deal or No Deal isn't very good even with ammunition - in one round it can take out all the decent values and then your stuffed as you haven't got the other side to bail you out. Swap box can be very handy - unlike a swap from Message from the Banker Swap box will always swap to the best value possible. So a double Deal or No Deal board with £10 / £20 on one side and £10 / £35 on the other will always swap to £35. The 140 trick - never worked for me in the real world as never gave the next number message - had the option to try this about 4 times throughout - it actually worked but only once. Board entry GATW or auto 70 collect - not a problem - don't need bank it - these are more or less free wins so don't need to come out the bust pot. Streak vs Deal or No Deal - although connected there is some separation so once well into this you can take the streak to retrieve some cash if you land on ? without your bank it. You will find that the Deal or No Deal comes back within the award of the streak. e.g. get a £15 streak - will cost less than £15 to get Deal or No Deal again. Streak awards £10, £15 usually - also £20, £25 Super Streak awards £15, £20 usually - also £35 Do it too often in succession and the streal won't get awarded again for a while though. Busts that are OK - there are things the bust can land on and not all is lost: Cash Falls - just keeping hitting start so it says 'too early' - it will award zero and hence you get the banked Deal or No Deal. Turbo Cash - just keeping gambling down to zero - again you get the banked Deal or No Deal Cashpot - a more or less free win so that's fine. Like a lot of Deal or No Deal's of the era on repower it takes £15+ for the Deal or No Deal to return - this hinderd me as every time I fired this up the first £15+ was automatically a waste. It's difficult to know what to do when you are on the Bonus square with a bad number (5/6/7/8) - I've carried on hoping to land on h/l shuffle - then gambling that in the hope of a 7 or 9. Message from the Banker on a ? (when no bank it option given) - it often saves you, even indirectly, but nearly always just results in another ? two moves on. I think it's actually given me the chance for a bank it twice throughout.
  17. Well looks like we are re-opening on the 19th July. Assuming pubs go back to normal at least you will be able to get in easily enough and won't be forced to find a table. It looks like the personal details taking might last a bit longer though. Back on topic: About 3700 up now - will post at about 4000 up but not played it for the last week or so.
  18. Been playing this emulation for half an hour or so most days too - will do a write up when I'm 3 grand up - currently at about 2700. To give you a heads up this can be so frustrating - I'm so glad I only did one in the real world (and lost).
  19. It better NOT be - I would say I'm 100% confident we'll open up fully but my worry was a new variant would come along and they will play the 'oooh we cant open up because this variant may be super transmissable / vaccine defeating' card - and guess what there's talk of the delta PLUS variant now
  20. @Big J what's happened to your recent videos
  21. This !!! Hmmm I wonder what it is ripping off
  22. Not watched it all yet mate but this is a great emptier seemingly based on the 'force the tokens' idea of BFM machines of that era. Some great tactics to get the unlimited nudges and hence the JP. Best one I've seen so far. Keep 'em coming.
  23. A few comments @Chopaholic You could have made much better use of hi/lo shuffle several times throughout the video. Once you said we will just take the 'current pot' now you had double DOND but were playing for the 'bank it' bonus - you didn't need it at that point. Of course you got GATW shortly after On a personal note I lost money on this empty - because the engineer entered the pub as I was doing it and I was in defecit at that point - 10 mins earlier I was still in profit. The main hardship I had (which you didn't in the video) was the bust kept landing on low values and not bust.
  24. I guess that answers my question about 'Indiana Jones and the quest for the holy grail' in another thread too
  25. I think somebody is on that one You mentioned Monty Python Flying Circus 2 £70 jp - pretty sure this has not been done
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