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  1. I think most of the DOND machines are incredibly difficult to play/win on. The 30 second time middle board one with the specific example as being madly difficult to JP. The Monopoly Boom is confusing as hell at times and loves to go to the main feature to deliver nothing. Perhaps "robbing" is the wrong word but "difficult to win anything over £11/12" on the DOND style feature. Queen is another one that springs to mind with that and Batman (similar to Monopoly Boom but good luck JP'ing that!) Currently, the 300 (which is years old now) is fun but the best offering for me personally classic FM style was the Oliver Twist set-up. Very rarely did you lose or when forced, was it any real loss. To me though now, the Blueprint machines are just more attractive just for the gamble feature. Nothing outside of pub £100's though - the £500 FOBT's are deadly and online is probably the best place to be but GamBan is a wonderful thing! Perhaps didn't mean to imply they "rob", more the percentages and the classic nature of Pub Fruits imo has disappeared from being fun.
  2. Let's be honest. There's 2/3 £100 machines I would play now. The rest are dull or copies and it's draining. It's not even fun but clearly just robbing,
  3. Originally thought this was Barcrest with the lower symbols. We had something similar to this (By Barcrest) which would NEVER JP and would infuriate me! Looking forward to downloading this!
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