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  1. Awesome, a friend of mine had the real thing a few years back
  2. So can you change the sound to different ones. I've seen samples in one of the folders?
  3. This has made my day!
  4. Sorry if this has been mentioned before. I’ve just signed up and searched and couldn’t find anything. Part of the thrill of playing fruit Machines back in the day for me personally was that sound of the coins coming out. Is there an option to turn this on or off? If not, is it something that could be added easily or is it not considered authentic to the emulation?
  5. Hi So I have about 400 legacy layouts and I've just read you can convert these to work in v.19. I'm back after a 15 year break and wondering Is it worth doing this or have most of them been re-done over the years anyway?
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