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  1. hitthesix

    Wacky Races

    Thanks for this one.
  2. Thanks for the layout, shame about the sounds though, but still playable all the same.
  3. hitthesix

    On The Up

    Thanks for the layout.
  4. Here you go mate. up and down nudger roms.zip
  5. Excellent little classic , those early bellfruits are a pleasure to play.
  6. Thanks for this excellent looking layout. well done.
  7. Thanks for the layout, yet another clubber for the collection, keep then coming.
  8. Nice one, thanks for the updated version.
  9. Thanks for this one, looks grand.
  10. Thanks for the layout, I wish i had known that you were going to dx this one. as i have the unpublished classic, that you could have used.
  11. View File It's a crazy world classic Thanks to player for the roms, stanmarsh for the sounds set on 25p with the jackpot at £10 this is qps/mazoomas first ever machine on sc4 tech vectra 666 for the help/ fault finding/testing and to wizard for the fault finding, and of course for his amazing emulator. usual shortcuts apply, you should know them by now. Submitter hitthesix Submitted 12/06/20 Category QPS  
  12. Thanks for the this, looks good.
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