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  1. Thanks and all, but I cannot play v19 games as I have windows 8.1 only!!! so mfme v5 and 6 is where it ends for me, unless I try to upgrade at some stage which is looking highly unlikely at present.
  2. Thanks mate, I been a member of Fruit Emu and Dads etc for about 18 years now, so have already thanked everyone before many times, Thanks for the uploads. I think project amber layouts and the sounds are still quite cool. I think project amber graphics vs mfme v19, is there really any difference in visual quality, as both are looking quite HQ in my opinion? Vectra is a dude by the way, so respect to him as he has helped me loads in the past.
  3. Yeah, I have an Acer Aspire V3-571 it has 6gb ddr3 memory. I paid £40 for it second hand with a bust up screen. I bought a new screen for it online for £50 and put it in myself. Happy bunny considering what I paid and also the hdmi to 50" LG layouts on screen. Party time etc looks awesome on it. Am I correct that the Party Time layouts and all have all been re-done for the MFME V19 emulator. All I can see on here is mostly £100 board layout games. I'm not knocking them as there has been loads of work gone into them, I'm just not a big board gamer. I prefer Novomatics and Astra and Ma
  4. I know there are some great and turbo smooth playing layouts on mfme 19, this is fair enough, but spending £400 or slightly less on another laptop to play £100 layouts just does not really validate spending the money for me. My current laptop was made in 2012 so 8 years old now, still works fine. I am happy to stick to mfme 6, the layouts work ok, although I admit the bar x £10 layout runs like a snail and Party time sounds on the £25 area and £5 versions are out of sync. Like Retro Fruit above has said, it's not gonna die for another 3 years, in which case if my laptop dies between now and
  5. I don't really understand all that but I will try, I did not know there was an mfme v 8. I got windows 8.1? lol thanks Veccie
  6. I could just get a sack truck and take the machine!!! lol It's in such poor maintenance state anyway, I could just leave a £5 on the floor in the empty space where the machine used to be....pmsl
  7. There is arcade in Towyn in North Wales apparently where they have a machine called Celtic Gold, it is absolutely nakered and not maintained. This means that when you hold a pair like other concept games it comes in, on this machine it don't. But then it compensates for not giving the player the win and throws in the unpaid win many spins later or gives you something higher, It just pays out all the time and quite often goes empty. The sound is broke on it too!! Just wondering if Celtic Gold has ever been emulated or if there are any plans in the pipeline to emulate this machine. It's a
  8. Hi, does anyone know how to change the stake on Pook's Jiggin in the riggin layout please. I have windows 8.1 and absolutely refuse to use windows 10 as all my software on my hard drive will not work with the windows 10 upgrade, so I am sticking to my guns for the time being. The layout is a good one, far better graphic wise than others I have played, it's game play however is really pants. It kills you 90% of the time and pays less than 10% on 5p stake, takes forever to get a force. Just wondered if there was any switch fix to higher the jp or increase the stake. Many thanks.
  9. Used to play this one in Crackerjacks Butlins Pwllheli thanks Pook, your a Gem/and/i lol
  10. Amazing Pook, just like win a gain in slots of fun Towyn and Pensarn Beach back in the day. Thanks mate
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