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  1. Thanks so much for the update Dave. Superb machine and much rarer than Viva Las Vegas or seemed to be. Wonder which one was first/? Both good machines but with Monte Carlo having great sound samples.
  2. Nice to see this released. Have played this a fair bit in a local arcade. Thank you for taking the time to bring us this nice Red machine.
  3. alex74

    Cash Run Wdx

    Thanks very much for this release Anthony. A really unique Barcrest machine this one.
  4. Love this one thanks Clo06 will be great to have a bash on this with the latest emulator. Thanks again for this neat release.
  5. Many thanks for this release Woodsy. A really good machine looking forward to playing it.
  6. Superb to get the chance to play an SRU I thought I would never get to play. Thanks for bringing this game to us Seb. Very much appreciated.
  7. Thanks Seb for this. Great to see different SRU machines get emulated. Never played this one so looking forward to it. Thanks again
  8. Thanks Anthony for this version of what probably is Barcrests finest machine. Has to be well up there. I imagine this will play really well with the stake prize ratio. Hoping it does some great Luxury goods runs.
  9. Many thanks for this mpu3 classic. You have as per usual done a fantastic job. Thanks again
  10. alex74

    Golden Keys Wdx

    Thank you for this Anthony. Good to get the chance to play on an early rom as later versions destroyed what could have been a great lo tech from Barcrest. Looks great thank you for the update.
  11. Many thanks Dave. Looks superb a really nice mpu3 clubber
  12. Many thanks Dave. Looks superb and a great game
  13. Thanks so much Ross. Looks superb and a real classic machine.
  14. alex74

    PCP - RunnaRound

    Many thanks Clo06 brilliant to see some of the PCP system 1 machines released. Looks superb and I feel sure it will be yet another cracking PCP 2p machine. Thanks again for this release.
  15. alex74

    Bank Raid (pcp)

    Superb Ginge I too love this machine. PCP at their finest. A machine that kept you occupied for hours with loads of feature repeats, many skill chances great Bank Raids. I used to enjoy the Roll A Win feature. Things like the fruit shake were fun and the advance numbers when lit. Looks great Ginge thank you for this release great to see it done as a DX
  16. Thanks so much Dave. Looks fantastic I always enjoyed this one. Thanks for the updated release.
  17. alex74

    Jpm's Plus Nudge Wdx

    Superb Anthony you have done this rather nice Jpm machine proud. I'm with you this was always a nice game to play. I played this at a theme park somewhere. That catchy tune it plays to collect bank is so catchy. They had that on the MPS version of Lucky 2's aswell. Those displays were massive for the time and I liked the game name being added lower down near the pay tray as a nice addition.I only wish JPM had put a little tune when the top of the gamble was reached Looks great thanks very much for this release.
  18. Many thanks for the release Vectra. Looks great and looks as if it is a decent game.
  19. Thank you for this release. Looks great and is a fairly rare Maygay game. I to remember being fleeced the few times I played the five pound version. Thanks again for this layout.
  20. alex74

    BWB - Card Swop

    Superb to see this emulated. Thanks so much for bringing this really entertaining game to us Clo06. You can see the work you have put in. Great stuff! going to load this up right away. Thanks again
  21. alex74

    Extra Gambler

    Looks really neat thank you if it is Coinworld or rebuild on a coinworld game it will be pretty good. They often did a little jiggle on 3 noughts giving you about a one in five chance of upgrading to an X win. This will be the first Coinworld I have seen on 2p looking forward to playing. Thanks again
  22. Super stuff Ross many thanks. I loved playing this machine in Blackpool quite a bit. It's a really nice MDM game as many of them were. Great to be able to play again on 5p £5 which is what I used to play on this game in arcades. Thanks again for this release.
  23. Many thanks Anthony. This looks superb. Looking forward to giving this a play. Never seen this Red before.
  24. Many thanks for the release. A nice release of quite an entertaining machine and yes as said above by multi retro manvery like Donkey Kong which I also enoyed. Thanks again for the release Clo06. Looking forward to playing this again.
  25. alex74

    PCP-Bank Raid

    Really looking forward to your release Ginge. This is a great PCP machine that combines great amusement with the chance of big wins with non stop repeats and big Bank Raid features. Its looking good cannot wait.
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