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  1. I didn't keep much track of the amount of filament used to be honest but I would imagine somewhere between 1 and 1.25kg
  2. Another couple of images I forgot to share.
  3. Thanks! It's a nice idea but I don't think i'd keep myself interested. I seem to shift from project to project keeping myself busy. I do have all the files saved however so never say never. Appreciate the offer. Thanks very much.
  4. Hey guys My apologies I haven't kept this up to date but it's been all go here. The cabinet is finished and all I have to do is tweak software and and more games in time for my dads birthday on Tuesday. You can see a number of progress photos below. I estimate the 3D printing to have taken upwards of 110 hours overall. It is by no means a polished product but then it was never intended to be. It does it's job and actually wound up better than I expected. It's my first time producing a 3D printed project of this scale. That's where I fully expected things to fall apart. I thought my measurements would be way off but it turns out I was pleasantly surprised. It makes me more open to try other projects in the future using it. Feel free to fire any questions or suggestions if they'd have done anything differently. Also I must mention that the monitor doesn't actually have those horrible lines drawn on it as you can see in the photos. It's only visible in the photos. Difference in refresh rates between the screen and the camera on my phone.
  5. I've been running some test prints just to make sure i've got measurements correct before the final prints are started. These prints are set at a lower quality so will not reflect the final product. Printed lower quality just to save time and filament.
  6. My printer is an Anycubic I3 Mega. Very much a budget printer but after months of use it's served me well. I'm limited with a 20x20 print bed so he cabinet i'm aiming to print in four quarters. I can certainly advise of print times filament used etc. as I progress.
  7. Further modelling progress this evening. Looking to begin printing next week although even having measured things best I can i've no doubt i'm going to run into some hurdles.
  8. Just a quick update. Had a number of pieces of hardware arrive lately so i've been measuring parts and adding them into Tinkercad in order to build the cabinet around them. Hoping to have this done by later this month. The hardware side of things is up and running. Want to tweak some front end menu things but that can be done in time. It's mainly the modelling of the cabinet that is going to be most of the work. Here's an idea of placement of parts. Obviously the screen up front, speakers below and the back box being the Lenovo PC running the software.
  9. Hi All Looking to start work on a fruit machine cabinet as a future present for my dad. Wanted to make use of an old laptop screen i've had lying around for some time and I have had experience in the post modifying and building cabinets. I have a virtual pinball table built from scratch as well as a Project World of Games video slot machine which i've modified also. This ones a little different however. As the screen is relatively small (15.6") i'm wanting to harness the power of my 3D printer. So far today based on measurements and couple of test prints i've gotten as far as the design shows below (ignore the red part, this is merely just a back up for the screen support). Also due to size i've come to terms with having to use smaller buttons but that shouldn't be an issue, there are a big variety available. As for internal hardware i've found some sellers selling compact Lenovo Thinkcentre machines which should fit relatively easy with the space i've allowed behind the monitor. I know MFME isn't the most CPU intensive of software so i'm confident there shouldn't be an issue there either. if anyone here has any advice going forward i'd be happy to take anything on board. Thanks
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