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  1. A bit before my time (but not much), still worth a download, it's not always about the nostalgia, sometimes the curiosity reels you in. Thanks for the layout.
  2. Kerpow! Great team work, looking forward to playing this, [thumbs up emoji thing].
  3. I've had plenty of losses to £10 since posting that, so ignore me. I guess Whitbread chip is more of a £30-£45 streak than a £75+ Interesting what you say about turbo cash, I never knew that!
  4. I've just noticed this is a Whitbread chip, it still streaks though all be it very proportional to what you put in. Any streak though is unusual for Whitbread. Regards further up, the £800 streak, it's not something I ever recall. I remember being £100+ into the clone Viva Mexico on one occasion and the bar running out of change and being relieved to get £100+ back with small interest. Public Enemy was also in a local bowl and would regularly give £75+ streaks but it could certainly take as well. I always felt it was a delayed response to Maygay's Great Escape etc which were again
  5. Good games these, big streakers. Clone of Viva Mexico. Cheers for the release, I'll download.
  6. It's a solid enough game and in the ilk of 25, note runner, Double Dragon etc It could throw in a very rare slow save £100 top on arcade setting iirc, pretty flat gameplay regular boards, force if you want to waste some time. Cheers Peko, I'm sure I'll download at some point.
  7. Cool! Thanks for this. Golden Keys profile iirc
  8. GeorgeJG

    Skill Snooker

    A couple more notes. My personal best = 48 break (was a £7 win) (now 52 for no win!!) 3-5 chalks, well particularly 4-5 seems to be a value sign that it wants to at least pay a cash prize of some sort. Absolute miracle needed for the 75 break clearance although red light off the bonus that pops up from a random miss can give more chances for 75 break top prize, also break down off the bonus can reduce it. Hard to force as it auto collects the win level you are at, there's no risk/choice you have to play on until lose/collect once you hit the money. I've got t
  9. GeorgeJG

    Skill Snooker

    Yep fast speed and needing a specific colour = 1/14 fluke required. At least red is 50/50. I've got to £3 on 50p from the original files, now I'll try Reg's autoplayed RAM see if that's any easier, cheers for the release. Donk: It's a video, slow spin on black for 38 potential but yep £3 is my record so far on this
  10. GeorgeJG

    Skill Snooker

    I love a curiosity and did see some of these in the wild back in the day but barely played them as they just reminded me of a coconut shy with the coconuts nailed down. Iirc they had strange buttons which responded to pressure rather than just your standard microswitch on/off, that said they were probably made to look and feel like that to give more of an illusion of easy skill.
  11. Glad to bring a smile to some faces, lockdown gets to us all in strange ways I'm sure. It has been a while since I rattled out one of my daft stories. I had no idea about the blue lamps as I've only played on 50p but yes, I'll download the fixed version for completeness sake.
  12. JG staggered into the Desert Island Arms. Just a swift one before home he had told himself. He couldn't be bothered with getting a taxi up the Mecca or DX'cellent club bars and so this was the best option, a quick stop before home. It looked like Reg and Pete-W were serving behind the bar, didn't seem like many regulars in though. A quick look over to the corner of the room and JG could see a new bandit flashing away. "Evening gents, any guest ales on tonight?" "Of course, Wizard's Tribute, it's a very fruity ale with subtle tones that will emulate the pleasured taste buds o
  13. Edit: This is the rare 30p/50p version on £70, pound stake was soon to be added but not on this version, so ignore all my waffle about gold sevens. I assume £20 can still be gotten off 50p but that's not such a useful rip as the 1/12 start won't be jackpot. Edited Edit: Revolver is mega streak if you stop 12/5
  14. Downloaded for the sounds and late 90s early noughties nostalgia - cheers!
  15. "There be gold in them there hills!" One of the bonuses is rewind (moves back spaces indicated on number reel) which sounds similar to what you describe. I haven't downloaded this....yet....so from memory bonuses were different for outside and inner, like red/blue Barcrest games such as Vamp, Hellraiser, Supernova etc Maybe move in becomes rewind from outer to inner?
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