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  1. Mate, today is the 15th
  2. Funny feeling I have played this many moons ago. Will find out tomorrow. Thanks.
  3. Dez

    Maygay - Club Fever

    It does. But under the surfice it's just a typical pot filling lapper
  4. Dez

    Maygay - Club Fever

    Here's a couple of pics of the machine. Not good enough for a DX, unfortunately, but they were taken on a phone 13 years ago
  5. Dez

    Maygay - Club Fever

    Plays just like i remember. Flat profile, typical of the Maygay clubbers of the era. Bonuses which rarely put you on to the win ladder, but take up ages of your time. Multi Add squares which stop adding anything if you land on them too often. No 3's on the reels which i always found odd. Good sound package, though!
  6. Dez

    Maygay - Club Fever

    Looks excellent. I will have a crack at this tomorrow!
  7. Talking of which, I put this appalling classic together back in 2004 https://www.fruit-emu.com/forums/index.php/topic/4106-club-fever-classic/?fromsearch=1 @Clo06 you are more than welcome to fix it up to your standard!
  8. Ah. A clone of Club Fever. A machine which is also missing sound ROMs
  9. I'm assuming this is a clone of Give us a Break?
  10. Like most clubbers, shite Clubbers are not usually known for their playability, and for good reason.
  11. Dez

    Best of British Club

    I will play this for the novelty of the £400 JP Do these play similar to the £100s? They would be horrific to play IRL if they do.
  12. Dez

    Crystal - Buccaneer

    A Club Bullion clone IIRC? Thanks for this
  13. Dez

    Club Crown Jewels Wdx

    Yes, but that's not at all relevant
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