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  1. Great layout - thanks vecs
  2. More fantastic work! Must have missed this one back in the day so looking forward to seeing how this plays:)
  3. Nice update to the existing layout. Old favorite of mine so can't wait to load this one up!
  4. Fantastic layout and not a bad game either - perfect way to start 2021! Looking forward to whatever else you may have up your sleeves this year?
  5. Been looking forward to this classic since I spotted it in the WIP thread. Great work as always Tommy
  6. A nice crisp layout Pootis -many thanks for the hard work
  7. A fantastic layout and one that commands my attention over a few beers later tonight!
  8. Ta Vecs for another great release. It's a shame they never made more machines based on this classic game show
  9. Bring on the bearded wonder! Cheers for the release
  10. Many thanks for the update. Look forward to playing with correct sound
  11. Love the super crisp layout Tommy, many thanks
  12. I don't know why but when playing this I have an over whelming desire for satay chicken??? Thanks for the release Vecs
  13. Thanks for another quality release Vecs
  14. Fantastic work and very much appreciated. look forward to more future releases!
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