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    MPU4 Video fun with this one, Prize Space Invaders with a £20 jackpot, from 1991
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    OK so here is WIP1 just so you know it wasn't a joke . The classic is taking shape at the moment moving everything into the right place and good progress with proper names etc. DX is planned once the base layout is complete and will be from glass scans. The layout will of course have the proper sound. At the moment I am creating this on a laptop with MFME v2/3, when released it will be ported to the latest version (naturally). Does the forum support video?
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    Accompanying video.... This wanted over £120 from a factory reset to do the £20 jackpot board! £20_WIN_READY.zip
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    I actually started this over a year ago,big thanks to Reg for giving me his un-published layout for the dx as you can see from the before image this isn't going to be the clearest and the bottom left has a huge reflection running through it, in fact most of it does, but i was sent a few images and i asked reg for the classic as above so i'm obliged to at least try and complete it to my best abilities here's where i'm at so far, just the cash decals and what to do about the base buttons as they're really shite now for the scrounging lol does anybody have a cherry, grape and orange for this layout like the ones in the images
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    Many thanks Vectra, I'll hammer away at this when I get a chance, hopefully manage a happy RAM for everyone eventually
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    yes but there is a bug in the latest version of MFME which may cause this issue with backgrounds. Wizard has fixed it and it will be sorted hopefully in the next update of MFME.
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    Thanks Degsy. Talk about maximizing profit " we will stick em in pubs where people get pissed so even if we offer the £20 the chances of them winning it 0% NICE.
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    max the cashpots see you in three years
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    A retrofruit layout one of the greatest creators of ye olde mfme , very much look forward to it, EastEnders and wildzone two excellent layouts amongst many more but these always stand out for me, your Manhattan skyline classic was in a class of its own back then.
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    Just found the £70 roms and PM'd them to @spa so he can do both classics if he chooses.
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    First class,excellent looking classic,thanks for the layout.
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