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Devil of a Deal £35 Dx 1.2

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 Next up is this devilish slot from Qps, a different take on the normal Dond game


Big Thanks Must firstly go to @Wizard without his genius this game would've never been a reality, of course there's mfme but the 10 spaced number band in which he fixed in Mfme v20.1 in order for this to run

@Player for images used including reel bands from 2019

@Clo06 for the hi lo band from her classic i used for configuration settings etc

WARNING!! The red and blue text flashes a fair bit in attract mode 

also there maybe a slight slow down when on the feature board whilst hi/lo,ing if you've a slower spec lappy like me but it isn't that bad

 Shortcuts are written in a text file and the within warning notes

 I think thats it!!! so,

  Enjoy and Happy Gaming

What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


the step button should've been no.52 not no.44

big thanks to @Jamessco for pointing out the error on the feature board and a bigger thankyou to @Clo06 for her classic of which i should've followed, hopefully all correct now sorry 

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Looks amazing and plays perfectly. Thankyou again Vectra666 for another brilliant machine :D


EDIT: Just noticed, the transfer button didn't work for me, not bothered, just thought I'd let you know.

Response from the author:

Transfer button does work and is shortcut T also redownload this (V1.2) as the dond feature board was lamped wrong

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Multi Retro Man


What a fantastic looking machinee and excellent gameplay. Yet another awesomely brilliant release from @vectra666 :D

Many thanks for this superb release :)


Response from the author:

Re download (V1.2) Mate as the Dond feature board was lamped incorrectly sorry!!

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