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  2. Sorry if you get a lot of requests like this but is there any chance that Ace Video's Sidewinder can be added?
  3. The video tech isn’t emulated as far as I can remember. J
  4. This might be a silly question, but if the original DOND casino gets done, I wonder if the big telephone that rings and moves about would or could be an issue in MFME - what if it causes the game to crash or cause an error message. That said, the one we had in our local arcade either had it disabled or it was broken and the machine still ran so who knows. Would love to see it emulated though. Was quite a bastard machine in reality, sucked and sucked til the streak was given, rinse and repeat. Much money was lost by me back in the day!
  5. We have roms for the above but no decent resources afaik. Also take it these are Scorp4 tech so yes they can be done would love to see the original casino dond done either £5/£25 with the phone up top
  6. Actually those roms for the machines in the pics are under Deal Or No Deal Casino. There does seem to be roms for a few different machines under Deal Or No Deal Club, including those Adder 5 Deal Or No Deal digital roms. I sorted through Mazooma Golden Games and Monopoly roms and found some roms for Casino Monopoly which is the 3 player £35 jackpot version like Grand Golden Game. That hasn't been emulated yet either.
  7. Well I know from experience you are quite the ROM guru, and you are probably right - just a case of mislabelled ROMs. Should be a nice easy classic for someone, and I'm sure we have a flyer or two for it so a flyer DX would also be pretty easy
  8. I think it's because people don't realise we probably have the roms available. There are a few roms under the wrong Deal Or No Deal category and there seem to be too many roms under Deal Or No Deal Club which I suspect could be for these machines in the pics.
  9. Thank you for the release. I played this in the wild many moons ago and have completely forgotten how it plays, looking forward to rediscovering it!
  10. Ah it could have been Reg's layout for Crazy Chair Casino that I was confusing it with. I'm gobsmacked there's not been a layout of it to date, assuming that's really the case. I'd search over at Fruit-Emu but can't be arsed doing with the 'wait 100 seconds between downloads' and other stuff.
  11. Thanks for this, I'll give it a go.
  12. This is the closest you going to get by Geddy DOND - Walk of Wealth Casino.zip
  13. The digital version of the top one is done for sure.
  14. I'm sure I've had the standard casino cab layout in the past but don't recall the sitdown arena version being done
  15. Many thanks for this layout @vectra666 Just in case anyone else has issues with the£10 mech error after a RAM reset here is the fix: 1) Go into Design Edit mode 2) Open the configuration screen - Hit RAM Reset - Tick the Trusted Boxes under "Coin Mech - Note Acc - Hopper 1 - Hopper 2" - Open the service door [S Door] and wait until you see "Trusted messages scrolling", and you can close the service door. 5) Exit Design mode
  16. This is a newer variation of Monopoly 3 Player by Mazooma. I'm not sure this can be emulated because of the video screen. There are some roms for this in the rom dat.
  17. Looking forward to having a blast at this one. Many thanks for the layout
  18. I'm not sure these Deal Or No Deal lo techs have been emulated. Can't find them in the legacy section. I suspect the roms are in the rom dat somewhere.
  19. Hi @wearecity many thanks for your reply, I will give this a go. Really appreciate your help
  20. Awesome I thought it was in pounds. Oops I love playing it though. Really nice game
  21. 10 Hungarian Forint equals 0,021 Pound and it is a 10ft a play machine which means you won about £20
  22. Awww thanks Gary, all the best to you too my friend
  23. Thanks for this release, MRM... All the best, Gary.
  24. MPU_FIVE


    Thank you for this release, matey! All the best, Gary.
  25. Many thanks for this one. I put £500 into it and won £1000. If only I could do that in real life but with a fiver lol
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