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Sweepstake Club DX - Barcrest - MPU3

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Whilst searching through an old hard drive looking for some reels for someone I stumbled across this old DX that I'd done but completely forgotten about and never released. A quick hour polishing it off with all the v19 bell and whistles and it's ready in all it's MPU3 blooptastic goodness. Thanks to Wayfinder and Pete for original classic & DX respectively.


Sweepstake Club DX
Released - November 10th 2019
Author - Dave Pook
Manufacturer - Barcrest
Stake - 10p
Jackpot - £100
0 - Enter £1
9 - Enter 50p
8 - Enter 20p
7 - Enter 10p
1 - Hold/Nudge 1
2 - Hold/Nudge 2
3 - Hold/Nudge 3
4 - Hold/Nudge 4
`/A - Cancel/Autonudge
N/U - Nudge Up
C - Collect
B - Save It
S/G - Stop/Gamble
Space - Start/Gamble
Thanks to...
@wayfinder - Existing DX
@pete_w - Existing Classic
@Wizard - MFME

Sweepstake Club DX.zip

Edited by Pook
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Fuck me Dave, now that's a classic. Could rename it Razzle Dazzle Club lol. 

Thanks mate and brilliant naturally!!!

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Who,this looks so great just like I remember one darts night on a Friday night in a crummy club in middle of nowhere in Cornwall.well done on layout.cant wait to download

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