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Jokers Wild £4 Dx

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Jokers Wild £4 Dx

Following on from Richy1976's excellent Hit the Six layout is another project machine in the form of Jokers Wild 
Thanks goto to Launton for images/reel symbols which was used in my original mini layout of this  back in 2013,
to members such as Ploggy, Tommy C, Captain Haddock for help with that layout
Moving onto this bigger sized layout, to Richy1976 for adding the coin effects and final lamp numbering help
Long Shot!! But if any one can help but we had a slight conflict with the lamp in the top letter "d" as it didn't seam to flash correctly so if anyone has this machine can they find the lamp number it uses.
Shortcuts are as Standard
Plays in Mfme 6.1+
Enjoy it all over Again and Happy Gaming!!!!


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