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Epoch - The Italian Job DX

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The Italian Job (commonly referred to as Italian Job 2)
Special thanks to two people in particular and yes I'm going to shout.
Without both of the above people, this probably would never have been released. Ross gave me some great images to work from and also taught me about Dx'ing. Richy1976, finished this off for me.
This is my first attempt at DX'ing, but after getting about 75% through, my IRL situation changed and this was permanently on the back burner and by the time I could spend time with it again, I had lost the gist of where I was and quite frankly couldn't be arsed to start again. 
Epoch Machine, set on £15, 30p 86% payout.
Keyboard shortcuts -
Insert £1 Coin = 0
Cancel = '
Holds 1-3 = err 1,2,3
Collect = C
Exchange = E
Start = SPACE
Collect Cash = H
Collect Feature = F
Collect Cash Knockouts = K
Collect Feature Knockouts = T
Thanks as ever goes to Wizard for MFME, the rom provider for the roms. Vecs for uploading the reel symbols and whoever provided them in the first place. Maygay for the original machine.

Italian Job 2_1.jpg


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I need to not be here more... ...it just rains layouts, many thanks for this.  I'll be grabbing that tonight when I get in from work.

Also, please feel free on future releases to also you the download section ( Link ) and it will also post a release thread for you - however it gets promoted elsewhere on the site and on the portal as latest files etc.

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