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Crystal Maze - Team Challenge - SWP DX - Barcrest - MPU4 Video

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Updates for MFME v6.1 include...

  • Re-Drew a lot of unreadable text
  • In/Out sound effects
  • Tweaked digis
  • Updated sideart

Plans are afoot for the other two versions of this ;)


Crystal Maze SWP DX
Released - 30th October 2016
Updated for v6.1 - October 2018
Author - Dave Pook
Manufacturer - Barcrest
Stake - £1
Jackpot - £5
Resolution 1280x1024
0 - Enter £1
Mouse/Cursor Arrows - Trackball
Left Mouse Button/Q - Button 1
Right Mouse Button/W - Button 2
O - Button 3
P - Button 4
Space - Escape



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In the previous thread for this I was asked about other versions, still perspective editing and re-drawing to do but....


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well I've played it a bit I like it but can I do any of the challenges lmfao not yet but never say die and I'm using a kingston ball on top mouse (ust like the rollerball in the game and still cant do it I might try a normal mouse 



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