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Super Breakout DX - JPM - Impact

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Updates for MFME v.6.1 include...

  • Opaque reels
  • In/Out sound effects
  • Updated sideart

Thanks @Wizard for converting my old tri-lamp workaround to the new emu features, saved me a lot of work.


Super Breakout DX
Released - 27th February 2008
Updated for v6.1 - October 2018
Author - Dave Pook
Manufacturer - JPM
Stake - 25p
Jackpot - £15
Resolution 1280x1024
0 - Enter £1
` - Cancel
1 - Hold/Nudge 1
2 - Hold/Nudge 2/Hi
3 - Hold/Nudge 3/Lo
T - Collect
E - Exchange
F - Take Feature
C - Take Cash
N - Take Nudges
B - Breakout
Space - Start/Gamble
Thanks to...
@CompostCORNER - Several JPeMu versions
@pete_w - FMEConv Tool
@wearecity, @CompostCORNER & @Steveir - Testing


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played this last night first £3 JACPOT then REPEAT I thought top stuff then it proceeded to rob me to the tune of £45 down but still a great machine and excellent emulation thank you 

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