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Big 50

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by @Tommy c

In the beginning there was nothing, just a blank canvas – it always starts like this…


For those of you that do not make layouts – this is the birth of all layouts be the classics or DX’s like this – this is day zero on the journey from the opening picture to what you have here.

Back in the day that Fruit Machine emulation did not exist as we know it today, layouts were limited to something that looked like this for a classic…


…or this for a DX – which is worth showing for the first ever one.


MFME has come along leaps and bounds over the year and back on day zero of MFME when it hit the mainstream, we could never have dreamed of a layout like Big 50 and the presentation of what we are seeing right now.

The whole point of this brief retro look was when I planned this article in my mind, the opening montage was MFME was built for layouts like that.  That is not true and would have been a misleading title.  At the beginning it could not support the Impact technology and the original MFME was called something else.   The idea was the same – but it could no way accomplish anything like this. @Wizard has done wonders in the development to make it where the people that are new to Fruit Machine Emulation can deal with visions such as this layout from @Tommy c and would have no idea of the past layouts.

To put this in perspective, the DX of Viva Espana shown above is 789 x 518 pixels in size – back in the day that was a large layout – we were blessed – now Big 50 hits the ground at 1900 x 2227. That is a massive footprint difference and zero comparison – be glad how far you have come.

None of this can be done without resources and I believe that @Ploggy and @Guitar ( he has no blue box as he is not a member here ) had a role to play here – so from a player of this layout – thank you very much indeed.

I had the pleasure of playtesting this layout for Tommy, this was a real bloody headache.  It was looking so good that the items that I had which were of minor concern – I regretted calling them out because the original was just so brilliant.  However not to shy away from the challenge, I did and he adjusted them.  It does not matter what they were – the review here is based on what we see – but for me – “Mr OCD”, think of that one broken pixel on your screen that is just out of warranty – your eyes are always drawn to it – well not anymore as the items of concern are long consigned to a WIP.

I want to quickly explore some of the background work that goes into this – what you are looking at looks pretty much pixel perfect – he can rightly be bloody proud of this.  What you don’t see is the work that happens behind the scenes.  Look at the base work he had here…


Notice anything different from this and what you are playing – no – well look and look again.

To look at this, you would not know that he had to replace the £15 with £10.

The disc reel would have been a complete nightmare to work with – but it has come out incredibly well.  This is one part made up of multiple components and he even went to all the trouble to create grid on top so you can see the lit cards underneath.

When you start to pull this layout apart and look at all the individual components, the amount of time and effort just to do this section is likely to be off the cards. It probably took longer to make then some of my classics from scratch.


Yes, I have purposely made a mess of this for an example on all the components – but this is all done for free – along with the emulator as well.  Never forget the time and effort people put into this hobby to bring you great things to play with.

It’s layout like these that I want to enjoy in my cabinet – a purpose built machine to play MFME that allows coin input and output.  At the end of this review is the layout in action.  Note it’s fairly hard to record the live video and get the whole cabinet in view so the angle looks a little strange, but it’s an overhead Go-Pro.  I am also playing at full screen stretch mode for this recording.  The screen is also captured as the cabinet has an HDMI out at the back to allow recording of what is on the display.  I like the videos to have them side by side – so you see what I see on the screen as well as what the Go-Pro chooses to see.

When fired up you really see the beauty of this JPM machine.  The game play is very simple but the way the card reel spins as the main centre piece is a huge attraction here.  Looking at the cards animate ( as this is digital not physical ) under the grid that has been created is just a sight to behold.

Disc reel games exist but there are not too many of them – each once presents something a little different from the general 16 stop base reels and it’s nice to have the disc as part of the main feature game rather than a simple hi – lo reel.

There are multiple features on this game and @Chopaholic or @fjustices would probably do this better justice in a commentary about the game as this is their area of expertise – but for anyone that is born of the DOND era, please pause, take a look and this and enjoy a classic machine that we now have the pleasure of playing in the MFME.

@Tommy c this is a layout that I would say is one of the best JPM machines that I have enjoyed.  Knowing what a bitch this is to make – the overall presentation and enjoyment I have created a new award as the gold award didn’t seem enough – plus if the truth be known for other layouts it gives me more flexibility.

I am proud to offer the token awards that this site does of a Platinum award and Cabinet approved award.

854664156_PlatinumAward.jpg.0bf5375501334e2490c9eb5945071b6d.jpg    CabinetApproved.jpg.6c1bebe2fa31ac3c306932c13dbfc8d9.jpg

Note to other designers – I would go back and change some of your prior Gold awards to platinum as well – this layout does not sit alone on the pedestal – however I feel it would be an injustice to rewrite old reviews.  So kicking off from now – the platinum award exists.

Great work from everyone involved here – thank you very much to Tommy C and everyone else that was even slightly involved in this.  If you’re still reading up to this point – now is the time to stop and go and play this.

Have a happy FME day !


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Thanks very much for the review,glad it's being enjoyed by people. Half these machines I've never played nor do I want to, eh erm dond. But these jpms are special games were a lot of thought went in to the game coding,also something for the players. I had say and stared at this layout multiple times in Photoshop before just closing it down thinking I need a clear head to work the best way to do the disk graphics.

I don't like being defeated lol so I decided it was time to get this one done. It's amazing how easy it is to set a disk reel up in the new mfme. Wizard has made it so you have the least head ache you can with using the tools. Sometimes the offsets can be wrong and you just have to work that out otherwise,it's easy. Once again thanks for the review,wizard for the continued support with mfme and the people who play the layouts.

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Great review, as for the great looking layouts due to mfme 5-6.1 I would have to disagree?

Even in the early days of mfme 3 upwards we still had great layouts by great authors, to make a great looking layout requires two or three  things

A, resources need to be good

B, the creator, it takes plenty of practice and patience to become as good like Tommy C and co.

C, good programmes like Photoshop etc

We can't expect a newbie creator to produce layouts of this quality so we'll have to expect the odd lower grade layout even with mfme6+, but with the right guidance anyone can eventually produce the above example given time.

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Love the vid. This was one of the greats and was peppered around most Quicksilvers.

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Balls, I'v e liked too many posts today.  Just catching up on reading old threads...and this is f'king splendid.




* trying not to say cheers anymore for, well, reasons.

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