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JPM Note Exchange ?

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Hi Pook

I've noticed your recent releases of the old JPM MPS2s.  I remember playing these numerous times in pubs and arcades in the early 90s.

Have you ever DXed Note Exchange?  I have a couple of DXes of this machine in my emulation folder but upon loading them they look rather old, one doesn't work, may be an over credit as it boots up and then hangs with 52 credits in the machine. 

I just wondered if you have done a version long ago whether you would considering re releasing it or perhaps consider doing a new release if you have never done one before? 

I remember this machine well and played it many times in different places.  It was one of my favorite from that era.  On one occasion I had the top feature which went for £20 which at that time was quite an achievement. 



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Hey Richard

I just searched in an old WIP folder and found this from several years ago, I have a flyer where the machine cuts across 2 pages hence the crude join across the middle. I must of started this years ago and not thought about it until your post. At any one time I'll have 6 or so active WIPs that I add a bit too whenever I have a bit of time. Also have and inactive WIP folder with 100+ titles in various stage of completion, either I wasn't happy the way they were turning out or someone else released that title during development which happened a lot back in the day when a lot of designers were about, I've never been the fastest worker and was beaten to the punch on numerous occasions.

I've moved this into my active WIP folder for you, to remind me to get back to it at some stage, I currently have about 20 previous releases left to update and re-release that I'm getting through so will free me up to concentrate on new stuff once that's complete. 


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Hi Pook

Thank you so much for the reply and also thanks for posting the flyer. 

I found the flyer interesting as when I loaded up the two emulated versions I noticed a slight difference in the colors and wondered why, it is because the author of the 1280 version used the flyer where as the author of the 1024 DX I presumed used a real photo since the colors are greener which was how I remember the machine looking, the same colors as Bank Roll.  I guess a flyer which is printed on paper probably slightly different to the machine itself?

Something else I noticed with the two emulated versions, they are both set to £2 repeat jackpot where as the ones I played in the arcades were all set to £4 token jackpots and if the jackpot symbols are achievable with nudges on the emulated versions, the display will show £2.00 but will still let you gamble where as when it is set to £4, as soon as you have enough nudges to obtain the £4, the machine will nudge automatically.  I presume the roms are switchable since the machine seems to allow for both options.  I guess having a £2 + repeat chance jackpot perhaps makes it more likely to get repeats.  I never recall seeing this machine in a pub nor Bank Roll come to that where as I certainly remember most of the other machines of this era in pubs.

The two releases I have are certainly playable but it would be great to see a nice updated version. 

Thanks for all your great work.


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