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Fire Cracker DX - BFM - Black Box

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Thanks for these @Ploggy, I've tried a couple of those already and others, just can't seem to get the quality/perspective right as I'm working in large sizes here. I did bastardise a couple of other electro cabs to suit needs below, not 100% but looks ok.


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7 hours ago, Ploggy said:

Doesn't look too bad to me, mate.  Correcting cabinets that are on an angle is a right pain to get 100% correct. 

The quality/perspective is fine, I meant it's not 100% the right cab for the machine, top & bottom surface areas were way out. Bit of cutting in half, stretching , colouring and a few strategic rivets it's as close as I can get it. Made some funky new buttons last night.



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The old cutting in half/mirror trick.  Done that on so many cabinets.  I remember the Lite-A-Nudge layout I did having loads of small rivets on it as well.  Must have been a thing back then.

The buttons on the bottom look great as well.  Doesn't look too far off now. :)

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