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Manic Street Features DX - Vivid - MPU5

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Manic Street Features DX
Released - 28th February 2018
Author - Dave Pook
Manufacturer - Vivid
Stake - 30p
Jackpot - £15
0 - Enter £1
9 - Enter 50p
`/C - Cancel/Collect
1 - Hold/Nudge 1
2/H - Hold/Nudge 2/Hi
3/L - Hold/Nudge 3/Lo
V - Vivid
E - Exchange
M - Move it
C - Collect Cash
S - Collect Streak
N - Collect Nudges
Space - Start
Thanks to..
Johnny AFC - Classic
Ploggy - Tech help & Testing


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Remembr this well. Was a way to buzz it up by gambling to red 7s and exchanging in to the feature then collect  nudges to fob the board off it will start going red after a while just keep taking the nudges and mugging the board off. Think you then gamble a win to jackpot from win pannel then it should give you a few red boards after. Been years since I last played a real one of these, my memorys a bit sketchy. Thanks for this been wanting to see this in dx form for time.

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Great DX, but not one for anyone who suffers seizures.:117_eyes: (I think they're eyes).

Playing this, I have a feeling the programmers were high on something. :alcoholic: :13_upside_down:  It certainly is manic.:banana:

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