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Monopoly Coronation Street Club DX - Maygay - Epoch

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Monopoly Coronation Street Club DX
Released - December 2017
Author - Dave Pook
Manufacturer - Maygay
Stake - 30p
Jackpot - £250
0 - Enter £1
` - Cancel
1 - Hold/Nudge 1
2 - Hold/Nudge 2
3/H - Hold/Nudge 3/Hi
4/L - Hold/Nudge 4/Lo
E - Exchange
F - Collect Feature
Space - Start/Gamble
Thanks to...
Reg - Requesting the DX and suppling photo.
Wizard - MFMEv6 which fixed an issue with this machine allowing feature board to work properly.
theabbey - Playtesting and building up cashpot from zero which took almost £13k.


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I had this DX to test and I let you down with not giving any real constructive feedback. At the time I was not able to give any more input to FME and burnt myself out with it all. Thanks for the final release.

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