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  • Butch Cashidy & The Sundance Quid

    by @Samson81 Found this little layout while looking over at Fruit-Emu, this is a £25 machine running on S4 technology by Samson81. On the release thread he talks about how he has not made a layout for a couple of years – so welcome back, for your account here I have given you the layout designer badge. Before we crack on and take a look at this – we have to consider two things about when it comes to doing layouts and reviews. Layout designers don’t ( usually ) ask for a public commentary on their work. We don’t have many layout designers. That being said – I think that sometimes it’s worth a little more then just the word “Thanks” or “Nice one”.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with either of those comments but if you can add a little meat to the bones for the designers to show that their layout was looked at and played – then that is value. The purpose of a commentary like this is not to send layout designers running for the hills but to share with them positive and negative feedback.  For example, if you were working as a stewardess on a plane and popped into the cockpit to give the pilots a cup of coffee.  When entering the cabin if you saw that they were all asleep, you would wake them up.  It would be negative feedback but the long term effect is that is generally works out more positive for the passengers in the back.  We are all passengers on this journey when layouts are released and the designers are our pilots. There is also the fact that by his own admission the designer has not done any recent MFME work so there is also a potential not knowing some of the new bits and pieces and tricks or tips that could be done here. On looking at a layout I want it to be the best it can – each one of us probably make our own adjustments to a layout and as long as we’re not crediting the work to ourselves or slapping our logos all over it to put on eBay ( which thankfully the publishing tools help prevent ) then as long as it’s being used for our own devices and not distributed then I think that most of us that know the tools are guilty of this in one way or another. On a personal level, I really wanted to like this layout from the kick off – but there was a couple of things that were not just right.  The way I am going to handle this is talk through each item and provide support information if I can.  I will then end this with a video of the original and the updated version I did personally for myself side by side. My hope here is that the designer does not take this personally and finds a few tips that may be taken into consideration on a future release. Change #1 After putting a few quid through this machine I saw that the meters were not right.  The designer has gone to all the trouble to setup the meters which is great – but – if they’re going to be done, do them right. This is how they should be configured.   The meters then need to be adjusted to the following values assuming you have downloaded this layout with the SEC values as shown on the below picture.  This is done by opening the doors on the machine – you can then edit the values in the configuration window.   Further meter details are here. Change #2 The alpha presentation can be improved rather than using an oversized alpha that covers art which it should not.  This is the settings that I adjusted it to. Change #3 The lamping at the top of the cabinet did not look right with these two chaps.  They may light up like this on the real machine but if they are going to be lit, then all lamps need to be used for the title bar and then configured with the Blended Lamp option.   They felt bolted on, so I removed them – they now don’t light up. Change #4 On all the reels I added a gradient, I used a different one for the number reel and the main reels.   Change #5 I masked all the lamps to take some of the sharpness away with an omni looking mask.  This is how my lamps now look.   More details of this trick can be found here. Change #6 I made the background black. Once all the above changes had been completed my end result looked like this.   Again this review has been structured in this way to show why I changed what I did and to share this with the designer that these could be options for future work – and I hope there is plenty to come from @Samson81. Finally, just before we get to the video of both versions side by side for the visual changes to really be shown – thank you for taking the time to bring this layout to us and welcome back to the scene. The shrinking of the layouts to get them side by side does zero justice to the alpha and the compression that this creates does not look as good at the picture above.  The point I am trying to share here - is the effect because of the omni lamps.  It's a slight short cut that makes a huge difference to lamping at times.  

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