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  1. Aren't the IGT S+, and IGT S2000 techs in MFME the ones that the US-based slots use? Videos of a couple of machines running on each tech.
  2. Many thanks for the continued updates to the most-used emulator, still, on my PC. Runs lovely on my rig. No slowdowns during jackpot sequences, plus zero artifacts when resizing a layout. Great update.
  3. Lovely looking classic again, mate. Love the style of your layouts. Very neat, and crisp. Massive thanks for doing them. I've fixed the issues with the Masterspy layout, plus I've fixed the original issues with the Aladdin's Cave layout you did as well. Both layouts attached in the zip file. Added the 2p coin-ins as well, just for that one extra credit you need sometimes. Will it hold? Nah. Masterspy and Aladdin's Cave.zip
  4. Nice to see a Crazy Crocs still out there. Thought they had all disappeared for good! I won't have the time at the moment to commit to anything DX-related sadly. If someone else wants to take on the challenge of doing a nice layout for it, then that would be fine by me. Bear in mind though, that this machine has quite a few 'hidden' lamps, so a picture of the machine with all the lamps on would be very helpful indeed. Especially on the 'Crystal Waters' feature, as the amounts are all hidden. Reel images too, if possible. The reels for this are unique to this machine. Thanks for getting the pictures.
  5. Well done on getting the roms, mate. Nice to get the set complete finally. Loved the AWP version of it, so it will be interesting to see how the club version fares.
  6. The sound roms are 'incomplete', mate. Only one rom available in the set we have. The second rom is missing.
  7. Maygay's club version of The Great Escape is on EBAY. Not working though, unfortunately. Still nice to see one still out there. Linkage: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/maygay-the-great-escape-club-fruit-machine-spares-or-repair/173903156261?hash=item287d6f9425:g:ks4AAOSwMY5c2wwX
  8. Here's an 'Interesting' machine. An old VFS machine called Torpedo, that I've never seen before. Not sure on tech. Most probably MPU3, but can't be sure. Link to EBAY auction, and also a photo: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Bar-crest-Fruit-Machine/173830936425?hash=item2879219769:g:NqsAAOSwwnVchW~1
  9. Thanks for the new roms, mate. Very much appreciated.
  10. Great Train Robbery is missing the dot rom, so won't work currently. It's S2, by the way. EDITED TO ADD: Couple more boards with M1 sound roms on them. Labels are faded, so no identification can be done on them. Same guy that's selling the BGT roms. Link here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Maygay-Program-Cards-X-2/192808684372?hash=item2ce44b0b54:g:fq8AAOSwXnxcUL8y:rk:45:pf:0
  11. BGT used their own tech, mate; which was called Millennium 3. Un-emulated, at present.
  12. Roms for a BGT machine on EBAY called Pays and Pays, on a BGT motherboard. Not one I've ever heard of, but they're 'missing' and not in the latest rom-dat. Link here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BGT-Main-Board-And-Multiplex-Board-Not-Working/192806031833?hash=item2ce42291d9:g:f5IAAOSwS2lcMjJq
  13. Bounty Hunter (Maygay - Not Working) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fruit-machine/192784817218?hash=item2ce2dedc42:g:JmsAAOSwvEhcNS-1:rk:9:pf:0 Seller is: masonsmithh First time I've seen this come up for auction. We've had some roms for it for ages, but never had the sound roms for the complete set.
  14. Only just saw this thread, so I'm late for beta testing I would have thought. Hopefully all the people who are beta testing can help you with what you need, mate. Looks like you've put a lot of time, and effort in this update, which is massively appreciated. Also great to see that the last few niggles I have with MFME are being addressed, like speed/sound distortions during certain times, and pixel creep.
  15. Here's the Circus layout with the token roms, mate. The DX I did for this, back in 2005, was based on the classic which used the all-cash roms. Might revisit this layout in the future as it looks a bit old, and tired now. Like me. Thanks for the videos, as always. Circus_DX.zip
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