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  1. hmmm a machine I cant remember if I have played it or not. I can defo recall seeing one but where and if I played it I have no idea. Many thanks for yet another golden oldie clubber clo06 . Miles better than the deal or no shit they churn out lol Oh well after just dropping yet another jackpot on rags to riches I am now off to give this a bashing :)
  2. looks superb. I actually 4rt this was my first ever machine I remember playing. But it isn't as it was only a 1.50 jackpot. It had a similar name and I even see a photo of it other day but cant remember the name. I love the sounds on a blackbox great memories. Thankyou evo 1
  3. Oh bloody hell its a straight clone lol I never realised that , Its one I not seen or played befor and its a clone of one of my all time favs, Whats not to like :) Cheers clo06 your a star
  4. Yes it is a great looking machine. They don't make them like they used too
  5. Hi Dez how the devil are you To the mods I am very very sorry for derailing this thread a little bit. I wont make the same mistake again
  6. not dildo dez or what ever she was by any chance lol sorry for calling you a he
  7. clo06 doing what he does best :) Thank you mate.
  8. lineup

    club casino crazy

    Many thanks clo06. I never knew there was a 1 grand jackpot version of this. so a very nice surprise indeed :) big j I will pass on your offer mate. Thanks for the offer tho. I do love playing them the same when playing in the wild with real money.
  9. lineup

    club casino crazy

    Hi guys, Is there a layout anywhere for the club casino crazy that works in the new emu ? As been going through my club folder and I don't seem to have it anymore. cheers
  10. cheers tommy c very nice. wow we are being soilt at the moment with these oldie clubbers. love them. thanks
  11. Ha its a clone of jpms full house I feel. Nothing to do with roulette at all. Its bingo all the way lol same sounds for sure.
  12. Beautiful another clubber I don't think I have played befor :) many thanks clo06
  13. Many Thanks clo06 :0 I notice you like to do the old clubbers,Have you any more in the pipe line ? Would you take any more requests ? And finally is there any lists or anything of clubber roms that need to be emulated ? Or do you all fish around asking each other ?
  14. Ditto mate. When you think you have seen all the clubbers over the years these little gems pop up :) It actually looks brilliant compared to china town. obviously the same game play tho. China town wasn't one of my favourites but did love to gamble it out when due.
  15. Many thanks clo06 :) I forgotten about this one. I only played this once at a holiday camp many moons ago.
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