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  1. Great game, really wish it's little brother Blue Velvet would turn up one day!
  2. November 30th. Maidstone party day. Should be a good one! I'd say i'll be going with 3 others. Plus there's a Gala next to it, and Cashino up the road lol. Then services there and back. It's usually a very long day ha!
  3. I loved going to Neweys, but this one was better... for me. I believe he bought pretty much all of these?
  4. Im front right, Slasher is front left. Scott Fraiser is right next to Slashers head lol. Steelfix is poking his head round, I think vecs? Dont think they are on here, Slasher is, @slasher There is a video to go with this photo Was such a good day! A mega shame this is no more
  5. Ha, excellent. I will have to come over, but only once you've got yourself sorted
  6. Sounds like you have an epic gamesroom! If I am ever your way, I will drop you a message
  7. Do you not have a camera? Or phone with a camera? What machines do you have?
  8. Is Random Spinner emulated? I did a search and only found a screen shot from Pook. Didn't mind that one.
  9. as if by magic! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Star-Trekking-Fruit-Machine-not-Working/163892082695?hash=item2628bab807:g:MN8AAOSwIfFdl4U1
  10. At a minute, it just says 10p play and value for money. Im guessing that could be a maygay rom?
  11. The red one does say some other bits, see vid in the other thread
  12. Chris has a youtube channel too. Think this is what you are after too.
  13. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzZMCJWHMHMBRkN1M0xEajVJYjg Are the only two photos I have of this.
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