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  1. Probabaly DOND. No jokes! I did like the true skill reel skills on the Electrocoin machines though!
  2. No way this is S6, not unless electocoin invented S6 lol
  3. Looks good! Amazed you didn't attempt a build yourself
  4. I like watching the bandit, well, early bandit was better for sure.
  5. Very nice! We should have had something like this over in the UK!
  6. Seen them pop up a few time. Big Buck Deluxe clone. As in, total crap!
  7. These were great! Triple Bells on £15 could go mental! On 10p, if saving nudges they are running. Still got my Ring A Bell here.
  8. spa

    Astra Triple Bell

    The bells won't do anything as the £1s are the bank. But, once you have £31, £10 will shoot into the middle bell and the £1s start filling again. Once it hits £40, 3 columns ofs £1s and the middle bell lit, it pays it all out.
  9. spa

    Astra Triple Bell

    I bet they are the old 1280 photos. Would have been taken in The Showboat in Hunstanton many years ago. Ones I have owned are in the HI RES photos, that have loads of shots of each machine, as you probably have seen.
  10. spa

    Astra Triple Bell

    I guess I never took photos of the one I owned. I actually have owned two of these over the years. Nothing in the HI Res photo section. Age, I put it down to age....
  11. spa

    Astra Triple Bell

    That little devil is a great game! Got a nice £12 run in it
  12. Great game, really wish it's little brother Blue Velvet would turn up one day!
  13. November 30th. Maidstone party day. Should be a good one! I'd say i'll be going with 3 others. Plus there's a Gala next to it, and Cashino up the road lol. Then services there and back. It's usually a very long day ha!
  14. I loved going to Neweys, but this one was better... for me. I believe he bought pretty much all of these?
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