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  1. spa


    To be fair, back in the day I was SPA3900, random numbers there too. Still makes up my email to this day lol.
  2. spa


    Is my name. just shortened, but sounds the same. S Parr.
  3. Lovely. Just remember, you can't lose twice when you lose and extra life, so try to hi lo to red box full matrix and lose to a 2 or 11 and reverse the number.
  4. You should do the £70 version too. Much better game.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Take-you-pick-Fruit-machine-Ideal-for-Man-cave-house-clearance/163851816757?hash=item2626544f35:g:gj4AAOSwxY9dc8Sn Looks like a Cash Bang Wallop, Gimme Gimme Gimme, Full of Beans clone. Could be a failed test?
  6. Cluedo the usual suspects is a £70, but un emulated from what I could find. Done on £35. £70 was a great little game, slight tweeks! James Bond though, that would be great on £100
  7. It's chipped on the £100. It was chipped on the £70, so all £100s don't work.
  8. Thanks for the continued updates! Really is amazing how far this has all turned into.
  9. Done, do you want to bin this thread off?
  10. View File DOND - The Red Mist £100 A £100 jackpot update on the £70 classic I did a while back. Submitter spa Submitted 03/09/19 Category Bell-Fruit  
  11. When I was on holiday they a dond live on £400.... think it was £400...... walked by it....
  12. Sorted it, thanks. Have fixed and re uploaded.
  13. spa

    £100 Jackpots

    High Voltage is a clone. Going to mpu5 on £100. Well, not any Barcrests as they went in the £70 days. No clue on the rebuild companies though.
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