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  1. Thanks. Hopefully this might put me closer to fixing my pc I will see what gfx card I have, thanks.
  2. My pc randomly crashes, mainly while on youtube, But it this mfme has crashed 3 times in a row! Any ideas? In fact, i'll get a video of it
  3. Thanks for the update!
  4. Gems fix update! GoldStreak0.2.rar
  5. You can set the £10 win up with two lines of melons aswell, using the wild as a melon and then setting up 2 reels of numbers to give you the last 4+ numbers.
  6. Yes, I have been told. Not had a chance to fix it as of yet
  7. I'd say Safe Cracker was their last, possibly, which was like the 4th or 5th clone of hot hot hot.
  8. Yes, now changing to the £70 roms. It will no doubt just need minor changes for a £35 layout so both for sure. I would love the photos. I did google a few, but the more the merrier!
  9. Haha, you need to make sure you wedge the first wild lol As far as I know, nobody did this apart from me
  10. It offers the features well before it's jackpot ready. You can't force on of these! From numbers, it should be £60-£70 for one of them. The game might have been on my ju!ce and not thunderbolt....... honestly can't remember.
  11. I think it's £35, building, not playing atm.
  12. I don't know mate, I think you've made that one up..... lol
  13. Thanks. I don't really get the time these days, but every now and again I find myself with a spare couple hours do crack on with one
  14. Yes, Thunderbolt, although the skill jumped! Darts Marathon was also on a video unit. You could trap these via red boxes, but tricky. As you'd need 4 icons and a red 11 and 2 icons on the hi lo, or steps to an 11 and the same situation. We didn't bother! Very tricky to set up.
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