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  1. prizeguy1984

    New York New York DX - Maygay - Epoch

    thanks pook looks great
  2. prizeguy1984

    New York New York DX - Maygay - Epoch

    any updates on this one? the wip looks great
  3. prizeguy1984

    Shoot or Loot

    thanks remember playing another games media machine in a mpu5 cabinet was a usual clone this one looks a bit different
  4. prizeguy1984

    Mr Muscle

    thanks assuming must be a failed test machine dont well to complete this one working blind
  5. prizeguy1984

    Money Magic (AC Games)

  6. prizeguy1984

    Bucks Bunny (Cool Games)

    thanks this was a very popular machine in bookies and pubs about 10 years ago, never saw one in a bellfruit cab always in the maygay cab
  7. prizeguy1984

    Vortex Wdx

    took a hammering on this when it used to be in my local bookies years ago
  8. prizeguy1984

    Subbuteo DX - Maygay - Epoch

    thanks, very high quality dx as usual brings a pretty average maygay machine to life!
  9. nice looking dx cheers
  10. prizeguy1984

    Ice Burger Classic Layout.

    cheers not one i have seen before
  11. prizeguy1984

    New York New York DX - Maygay - Epoch

    looks very impressive pook look forward to it