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  1. Anyone got a zip of Omega by Maygay?
  2. If you run into the above error dont stress. It is a pain in the arse but a very quick and easy fix. Go into download files after downloading DirectX to your system and open DXSETUP. Follow brief instructions to update the components within DX and it will sort the problem. Will be easy to find as the file is stated in CAPS and the size is 506kb. I have uploaded a picture.......
  3. That is what I downloaded. Did the same as before and had the same error message. Did manage to sort it out but can't for the life of me remember how I did it.
  4. Bit of a shit kicker, my systems hard drive completely crashed and needed a new hard drive installed. Have tried to reinstall 6.1 on the new computer but keep getting Error XAudio 2 error message for DirectX. Anyone know how to fix this as looked at vids on You Tube and have removed and reinstalled everything plus restarted to see if it was this but no bloody luck. Have used Firefox and Explorer to download everything but still a dead end. Have also followed the 6.1 thread and still no joy. Any ideas please?
  5. John

    Bfm Galaxy

    That's a shame. Was one hell of a machine.
  6. Does anyone know where I could get the layout and ROMs for Bell Fruits Galaxy?
  7. Played it and it is quite generous(don't change that please lol). You couldn't of some this any better, exactly like the real thing except can you get the winnings to spill out mPC
  8. Thanks Pook. They had a prize one of this too.
  9. What's the difference between DX and PDX?
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