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  1. John


    @vectra666 You most probably have and if so I may delete it off my system and replace it just like your Searchlight. Just appreciate people's work and generosity on here. I think your work is tip top mate!!! Thanks again.
  2. Hated playing these as they always made me feel like eating a big breakfast.
  3. John

    Small Machines - Cat D

    Have put Mr Whippys on comments because of the machines and not the comments/people. Don't want anyone getting the wrong idea lol
  4. John

    Small Machines - Cat D

    Lol, saw them only a few weeks ago but they have been in all of the terminals for months. I do a lot of pick ups from LHR and always wondered who the fuck would get off a plane and play these ugly bastards. Beats me!!!!!
  5. John


    Then finished off. It didn't pay at the end too well like it did the last two nights but nevertheless, it did the job.
  6. John


    Was under the influence tonight, so if you hear a few hiccups just put your fingers in your ears. Never emptied these like the others in my lifetime but knew quite a few tricks on the old JPMs. Enjoy and watch out for part 2.
  7. John


    I don't know what Ploggy has done to this but it pays like more than shit off a shovel. It's better than a manual emptier as the Special Reserve fills up very quick, it gives loads of nudges with Nudge Now and the Skill Chance consistently pops up. The gamble goes up quite frequently too!! Got to about £80 profit then stopped the video but in my own time will play it for £200 profit. Don't take this the wrong way but fucking love you Ploggy!!
  8. John


    Truly amazing DX by Vectra 666 so a massive thanks to him. Thought I'd do this as no-one from my knowledge has covered the emulated version.
  9. John

    Emulation Lists

    A perfect ending to a post. Sweet as, I may give this a good bashing to, so thanks to all above.
  10. John

    Emulation Lists

    Have you looked in The Mecca?
  11. Off again mate. This artwork is fantastic. Mesmerising!!!
  12. John


    Don't need it now as you have it to me, like many others. You're a star Vectra.
  13. Bit slow sorry. Was about to give it to you myself. J
  14. John

    Spotted yesterday...

    Think we should all have a vote. I know many would say Pook but IMO there are so many to choose from.
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