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  1. Looking fantastic mate and brilliant as always. You most certainly know he to make me smile but this looks like a Barcrests we had/have too. Bit like Boulderdash but can anyone remember it as I have scrambled egg brains?
  2. Crystals version of a number of Jpms. You're on a roll Chloe, cheers for this love.
  3. That's what I thought Vecs, like having a full blown Xmas tree on your pc. Everytime you lot do layouts it always feels like Xmas.
  4. Jesus, those lamps look damn nice mate.
  5. Badass mate, you certainly know how to pull em off. Thanks TC
  6. Yeah but his DX's are not as good as mine hahahaha. In all fairness you all pull off damn good eye candy, so to be fair its drinks all round the table.
  7. I agree @gemini17 with more moves than Snakes and Ladders. Would never play this in the arcade like as never interested me but feel quite drawn to this. I have noticed that the detail is pretty much identical in every way to Tc's magical layouts, you two a tag team or something?! Thanks as always pal
  8. Thanks Vecs but more importantly thank you @SocialDragon368 aka Meme. We may have had a pop at you for our own reasons but you still contribute to the community so well done mate. Just don't be a stranger ok!
  9. This looks different as in amazing. Good to see slots from different parts of the globe. Thanks sport.
  10. Knocking them out like bloody candy bruv and a happy ram too. Diamond friggin geezer, oh and before I forget thanks lol
  11. Nah nah nah nah nah, I'm younger than you You didn't tell us what colour the walls are in the lounge
  12. You'll just surprise us with a Dx one day out of the blue Chloe but in your own time and you have all of the qualities and a great crew at hand. Now i know why it is that colour from the flyer, must of attracted the guys, girls too!!! All I can say is thanks again and hats off to you.
  13. There are quite a few that have to open in v5 first that need a revamp over at FE. Lot of stuff over there.
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