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  1. That's right Vecs, always thinking positive
  2. You're not as fast as you use to be;-) Was going to ask you about this the other day but it seemed like you had a lot on your plate in and probably out of Fme life. Looks great Dave and I know a lot are waiting patiently for this. Just a quick question, all of the segs light up whilst the wheel is spinning. I know it is a wip but are they going to be lamped?
  3. A please would be good also.
  4. Big J

    Count Down - BFM - SYS83

    Hopefully it will sooner rather than later.
  5. Big J

    Count Down - BFM - SYS83

    Not the Barcrest version
  6. Cheers TC, brilliant and great last from the past.
  7. Big J

    Count Down - BFM - SYS83

    Each to their own bud.
  8. Big J

    Count Down - BFM - SYS83

    @infection, none hopefully, just pre 90s goodness @Amot, nice collection, you've put Dave on the warpath again!!
  9. Everyone knows this is going to end up mint, no pressure though
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