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  1. Nice. Almost forgot about this until you just reminded me. Thanks heaps
  2. I've only seen a classic over at FE including the sequel.
  3. I concur. Looks fucking great TC and whoever don't like it is their problem. Another sweet layout in your bin.
  4. I see my argument was in the wrong place. That is so disrespectful and to No1Stoney I actually hated these type of machines in the arcades because I hardly ever won on them but it is people like you that encourage someone like me to play it because I have nothing to lose. I'm sure a few of you might of been thinkin" I hope BJ aka CharlieRaymondo don't see this as he may turn Terminator on his arse" but it looks like everyone has beaten me to it lmfao, so nuff said! Thanks again for this, a brilliant layout and ignore anybody from Twatville……...
  5. Thank you for your dedication TC. Perfection is your forte.
  6. More so the challenge eh. If a clubbed was easy then there would be no point but on the other hand, have you tried Casino Crazy £1000 JP very happy Ram file?
  7. This always seemed to treat me like a twat in the arcades. Thanks loads for letting me get my revenge. Brilliant release!!
  8. That's amazing TC. Thanks for this as love the tenner version too.
  9. Use to play this regularly as a kid. Nice one
  10. Everyone has their own fun corner.
  11. Glad to know the ball and chain is working out for you Alex has much better videos than me(clarity wise) but if you head over to my channel too I have a few emptiers along with other tricks that you should enjoy. Also, Pay Rise had more than one emptier! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn6cAmInP5gn9yDLUSrwKMw
  12. Fuckin hell Vecs. You and TC sure know how to put a smile on my face. Tag team WrestleMania!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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