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  1. Hi Tommy. Many thanks for this layout. I haven't yet had chance to play as am out at the moment but it's one of my favourites back in the day. Did you fix the reel error from the £5 version as one of the reels had a 2 on one of the icons when it should have been a 1 IIRC. Again many thanks for the release!
  2. I know. I haven't got round to playing it yet.
  3. Amazing looking layout, look forward to playing it. Thanks
  4. Deleted as read the wrong thing
  5. I did think It looks like a concept machine but couldn't get any roms to load. That being said I am really not sure what roms i need to be loading into MFME to test.
  6. Hi guys. Looking around from ROMs for this. (Not sure if it's already been done) but not sure of manufacturer or tech. Plenty of roms for "Bar 7" etc but cant get any to start. I'll confess I have no clue about most other techs other than mpu and scorpion. Was hoping to make a DX from this image. Or if anyone else wants to take it on? Thanks.
  7. I'ts OK guys, I haven't a clue what he's even talking about
  8. Deluxe is a different game to this. This is definitely playing the triple romset. Deluxe doesn't use top reels, but instead dapples wins on the top
  9. View File Golden Game £25 Here we have Golden Game triple by Mazooma set on £25/30p/86% I made this a while ago and thought I'd release it if anyone wants it. It's basically a slightly edited version of my £5 golden game release from a while ago. Plays a decent game and has a really big streak in it. Thanks to Wizard for making these creations possible and to the original ROM uploader (whoever that was!) Submitter No1Stoney Submitted 13/10/19 Category Mazooma  
  10. Red was originally the £25 version (although they eventually brought out a £5 kit for the red one) this one does use different ROMs and different sound ROMs for the top board and does away with the community chest/chance winlines from the topbox
  11. View File Mazooma - Monopoly Triple £5 Here we have Monopoly 3 Player set on 10p / £5JP / 86% by Mazooma. I was in an arcade and saw a 3 player unit with one of the units switched off out of view of staff, so I snapped some pics to create a DX with. And this is how its turned out. Its been a while since I have created a layout for MFME so I'm hoping I haven't missed anything out or forgotten to do something, so please let me know if you spot something. Run the TOPBOX file to get them all loaded automatically. Hope you enjoy playing, its one of my favourites from my teenage years. Always big streaks. Thanks for downloading Submitter No1Stoney Submitted 13/10/19 Category Mazooma  
  12. Wow. I've only got 115 games in mine so far and I thought that was going to be a massive challenge. Kudos to you for doing that many configs. You may have to help me on a couple if I get stuck ! Be good to see your cab too ?
  13. Working great so far! It's a bit of a headache working out the config for machines that use more than 2 payouts like the older token machines. But I'm getting there and its giving me something to get my teeth into! But every machine so far I've managed to get set up correctly now ! Very impressed!
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