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  1. mr x

    tsar Wars Empire

    cashino fever isnt a red its betcom\24/7 gaming
  2. are the roms for epoch bat out of hell needed complete set
  3. there is a club trivial pursuit on a facebook group for sale see if the seller will take some hi quality pictures of as its got extra top decals
  4. have we got the roms for this at all
  5. no 1 stoney has doing layouts social dragon stop talking out of your arse
  6. found the program files but no sounds are these needed as its a scoprion 5 set
  7. yeah or put block on him adding pictures on his account for a few days as all he does on add picture after picture when all pictures should be in one place really
  8. there all 2018 machines so there way 2 new you dont emu stuff less then a year old it will upset companys as there still cloning them
  9. machines too new as well
  10. pluto 6 still in pubs with newer clones so its a stay away
  11. mr x

    Available or Not

    Wizard released it
  12. just a clone of a clone nothing special only ever seen 1
  13. 100 is scorpion 6 not a scopion 5 and the 5 pound version is sc6
  14. gold rush stampede is single player th3 3 player one doesnt work
  15. many thanks a quirky game shame empire didnt do a 50p rom for 70 pound though played this on 5 pound 10p loads of times nice game
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