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  1. Slowly getting there, probably a third of the way through now. Will hopefully benefit in the release, the DX is 4 times the size of the classic so blowing the reels up that much made it difficult to distinguish between a jack and a king, let alone a spade and a club.
  2. Yeah, been pumping 50s in to try to get the bugger to come one but nothing yet.
  3. Last news tonight is BFMs Pick of the Pack. This was a WIP on my old site several years ago, I was prepping the 5p/£75 version based on photo's from @FruitSim and classic by HTS. @Clo06 recently released a classic layout set at 20p/£150 which energised me to revisit this old WIP and rework the art work to the higher stake/JP. This one's pretty much done now and is out with my club tester who is no doubt throwing several grand through it.
  4. More Maygay MMM goodness on the way. Thanks to Paul Gee from the Mecca for resources and @evo1 for his classic. Shouldn't be too long this one hopefully, just one pesky lamp left to find.
  5. As some of my current WIPs are drawing to a close I guess it's time to talk about other stuff I've started. I have an awful attention span and get bored easily so need loads of projects going at once to keep flicking between them to maintain my interest. Apologies this doesn't result in a very reliable release frame from me, but they do emerge eventually. I've started tidying up some photos of VFS's More Money, after I remade some bits the rest looked crap so it kind of evolved into a whole redraw now. Thanks to @FruitSim who upped the resources to the Mecca 13yrs ago, based on the recent classic by HTS. Top glass is pretty much complete... Bottom glass has just the base started so far...
  6. Don't worry, I'll soon balls up the scores again.
  7. Ohhh, he's on fire. Looks like joint leadership for now.
  8. I think we all have peaks and troughs based on various stimulus, mines very work load based. Bit of downtime lately but spring and again in autumn I get very little me time and can't see past the constant work stress, but the important thing is we always get there, as I'm sure you will also Steve. You've been a stalwart since day one and I'm sure your mojo will return in due course. Or is something else going on here? Maybe wondering what you're going to be doing with your free Tues & Wed evenings for the next 2 years?
  9. Lol I think you're right, I'll update that
  10. What will you start playing with if it goes out?
  11. Round 18.... Chopaholic - 1 evo - 4 wearecity - 1 infection - 5 Tommy c - 1 char042102 - 1 fruitsnappa - 4 eagle64 - 1 JohnnyAFC - 1
  12. Getting there, just 60 different reel images to remake now
  13. They don't make them like this anymore, classic old Maygay title here and I think the first DX of this particular tech. Thanks to @Stuart for sending me some photos of a couple machines what feels like years ago now (don't worry the other one is planned), @Reg for his classic and continued support at DIF, @Ploggy for some MMM reel images allowing me to create this set, @evo1 for quality testing & @Wizard for MFME. ****************************************** Bust Out DX ****************************************** Released - 15th February 2020 Author - Dave Pook Manufacturer - Maygay Stake - 10p Jackpot - £3 ****************************************** Shortcuts... 0 - Enter 50p 9 - Enter 20p Token 8 - Enter 10p 7 - Enter £1 (change only) `/C - Cancel/Collect T - Transfer N/U - Nudge Up 1 - Hold/Nudge 1 2 - Hold/Nudge 2 3 - Hold/Nudge 3 A - Auto Win W - Wild Reel C - Cash Pot Space - Start ****************************************** Thanks to.. Reg - Classic Stu - Photos Ploggy - Reel Photos Evo1 - Testing Wizard - Emulator ****************************************** Bust Out DX.zip
  14. Wow that was quick, well done indeed!
  15. Round 17.... Chopaholic - 1 evo - 4 wearecity - 1 infection - 5 Tommy c - 1 char042102 - 1 fruitsnappa - 1 eagle64 - 1 JohnnyAFC - 1
  16. Not released to my knowledge, passed to me very recently but classic is dated 2010. But by the looks of it the roms wern't even dumped and upped at the Mecca until 2018, so bugger knows?
  17. Nice little lo-tech from PCP, good play and a decent sound package. ****************************************** Double Dollars DX ****************************************** Released - 1st February 2020 Author - Dave Pook Manufacturer - PCP Stake - 20p Jackpot - £6 ****************************************** Shortcuts... 0 - Enter £1 9 - Enter 20p Token 1 - Hold 1 2 - Hold 2 3 - Hold 3 ` - Cancel S/G - Stop/Gamble C - Collect Space - Start ****************************************** Thanks to... hitthesix - Classic Richie100 - Flyer @Ploggy - Tech Help @Wizard - Emulator ****************************************** Double Dollars DX.zip
  18. It's not available here, a 15yr old release for JPeMu..
  19. Got a bit more time today...
  20. Ah yes, forgot one was on the go, probably giving it away now....
  21. A few people have messaged me regarding this one lately, not had much FME time lately but grabbed a couple of hours today and started to re-create sections of the flyer that were unsalvageable. It will come this year, promise
  22. I get that, I have zero patience/interest in classics and could never do what you do, every peg has it's hole.
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