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  1. Pook

    A4 DIF Advert - Crash 2019

    Well I had to just buy one didn't I!
  2. Pook

    Fire Cracker DX - BFM - Black Box

    The quality/perspective is fine, I meant it's not 100% the right cab for the machine, top & bottom surface areas were way out. Bit of cutting in half, stretching , colouring and a few strategic rivets it's as close as I can get it. Made some funky new buttons last night.
  3. Pook

    New York New York DX - Maygay - Epoch

    Yeah it's been 10 months since I touched this one, some redrawing is required now. I will get back to it, promise.
  4. Pook

    Fire Cracker DX - BFM - Black Box

    Thanks for these @Ploggy, I've tried a couple of those already and others, just can't seem to get the quality/perspective right as I'm working in large sizes here. I did bastardise a couple of other electro cabs to suit needs below, not 100% but looks ok.
  5. Pook

    YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    Fair point, was never my intention, just got excited for something I'd completely forgotten about, sorry Choppers.
  6. Pook

    YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    Bollocks to FME, first thing I'd fire up with that set up would be Raiden
  7. Pook

    Reel Money DX - JPM - MPS

    Outstanding Evo, thanks a lot. I thought it might be 'to try to', but a closer look I think swanyofrug is right with 'and'
  8. Pook

    Reel Money DX - JPM - MPS

    Does anyone know or remember what goes in the space to the left of the nudges? The flyer & photos are not clear at all and by looking at youtube vids it's clearly some sort of text that lights up. Maybe saved or held nudges?
  9. Pook

    Retro Sweets, Chocolate and Crisps

    Tasted like shit, but adverts were cool
  10. Pook

    Ten Up DX - BFM - Electro Mechanical

    Thanks Richy will store for future use. Have you seen and decent pics of a cab for fire cracker or any similar blackbox machine? Got all the art 99% done just struggling to find a decent cab to drop it in.
  11. Pook

    Reel Money DX - JPM - MPS

    This one hasn't been forgotten, been doing bits n bobs to it over the past few months. Redoing the main Reelmoney text today.
  12. Pook

    classic films,tv shows and cartoons

    Omg yes 'the house that bled to death', children's party scene was shocking back then, never get away with that with kid actors today. Seem to remember a vampire episode with Diana Doors also. The scariest thing I remember as a kid was an episode of 'armchair thriller' called 'quiet as a nun' where a nun with no face was killing kids, nightmares for weeks! Amazed my parents let me watch it considering I went to a catholic primary school where a number of teachers were nuns.
  13. Pook

    Ten Up DX - BFM - Electro Mechanical

    So are all schematics unique like roms, or did similar machines share them? My point being is there potential to release more using existing bases?
  14. Pook

    classic films,tv shows and cartoons

    Always though the few opening bars to this sounded like a horror film...
  15. Pook

    classic films,tv shows and cartoons

    Oh poor maths teacher looked like claypole, poor butter got so much grief.