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  1. Have to disagree with you on Albert Square, are you forgetting @Retrofruits version, far better that my early effort and still looks great today. Conversely Queen Vic does look ropey by today's standards and I'd welcome quality art for that one
  2. Thank you for this, maybe just the remedy required to get the juices flowing again.
  3. Pook


    Who saw the title of this thread and thought of her?
  4. Yes well done, go outside an play more.
  5. Not added another one of these for a while. Round 14.... Chopaholic - 1 evo - 4 wearecity - 1 infection - 4 Tommy c - 1 char042102 - 1 fruitsnappa - 1 eagle64 - 1
  6. Pook

    Super Win DX - BWB - MPU3

    Had a rare hour or so to myself today so managed to remake Superwin text on top glass as was damaged and made some new buttons.
  7. Kin ell, seriously! Well done I spose.
  8. Round 13.... This is slightly edited due how quick people get these, so if anyone gets it in it's current state it's worth 2 points! Chopaholic - 1 evo - 4 wearecity - 1 infection - 2 Tommy c - 1 char042102 - 1 fruitsnappa - 1 eagle64 - 1
  9. Boring, I thought you were 'sending the boys round'
  10. Thanks Tony, beautiful machine.
  11. Can anyone remember this machine well? I can't seem to find any images or videos of machine working, trying to work out where hidden lamps go, loads of real estate under the reels where the majority clearly belong.
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