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  1. YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    Ohhh not loaded this one up in years, look at 3mins when you enter a pound and it's waiting for you to hit start. The lamps fade in/out is lovely, loading up old DXs made in early versions of the emu before it supported dimming lamping etc is like a new experience at times. Think we've found the next v6 update candidate.
  2. Monopoly Takeover

    Had a couple of hours spare this morning so some more to the top and started to build the reel glass.
  3. Blazing Trails DX

    Quick and dirty convert to v6 as requested in another thread. Bear in mind this DX is 15yrs old so shows it's age a bit, ideally could do with a complete remake at some point. Changes for MFME v6... Opaque reels In/Out sounds New alpha Blazing Trails WDX ****************************************** Released - 7th July 2003 Updated for MFMEv6 - 24th February 2018 Author - Dave Pook Manufacturer - MDM Stake - 25p Jackpot - £15 ****************************************** Shortcuts... 0 - Enter £1 ` - Cancel/Collect 1 - Hold 1 2 - Hold 2 3 - Hold 3 H - Hi L - Lo C - Take Cash F - Take Features N - Take Nudges E - Exchange Space - Start ****************************************** Thanks to.. Spa - Flyer Munsta - Original Classic Wozza - Playtesting ****************************************** Blazing_Trails_DX.zip
  4. Big Breakfast DX

    Ironically MDM sampled the line 'We don't need no stinking badges' from Blazing Saddles. Although they can't complain as they copied it from Treasure of the Sierra Madre!
  5. Big Breakfast DX

    Assume you mean Blazing Trails by MDM, I do like that machine, most MDMs like Globals of that era had great sound packages. My DX of that is 15yrs old now so might not be up to todays standards, I'll have a look for you.
  6. Big Breakfast DX

    Think it's ok now, after an uninstall of 7zip, reboot, then reinstall it seems to be behaving now. Download link added to release again, apologies to anyone who grabbed the broken version.
  7. Big Breakfast DX

    So this is odd, fixed the segs and payout sound, thanks for the heads up. Volume was playing fine last night as I packaged up. When I have just fixed the above and repackaged, before re-release I unzipped to test it gave me ram and memory errors, so I reset the ram and it booted up ok, that's what killed the sound. It's just done the same to me 3 times in a row, something fishy is going on during the zip/unzip process. Removed the link whilst investigating.
  8. Silver Classic

    It's actually 40p and paying out in 20p increments, I need to re-edit the art work.
  9. Big Breakfast DX

    This is still on of my favourite releases to date, one of the first ones I made using photos. Great theme, great sound package, great gameplay. Changes for MFME v6... Opaque reels In/Out sounds New alpha Updated digis Big Breakfast DX ****************************************** Released - 25th November 2011 Updated for 65 - 23rd February 2018 Author - Dave Pook Manufacturer - Bellfruit Stake - 20p Jackpot - £6 ****************************************** Shortcuts... 0 - Enter £1 9 - Enter Token ` - Cancel 1 - Hold/Nudge 1 2 - Hold/Nudge 2/Hi 3 - Hold/Nudge 3/Lo S - Stop/Collect E - Exchange B - Take Big Breakfast F - Take Features Space - Start/Gamble ****************************************** Thanks to.. Bugs - Classic & Tech Help Hurtand165 - Photos WAC - Testing ****************************************** Big_Breakfast_DX.zip
  10. Silver Classic

    Kinda got carried away with this one, normally lose interest and do a bit of other work but this has kept my attention for 3 days. Loving playing with the blended lamps on the main logo, best feature of v6.
  11. Silver Classic

    Wouldn't take too much re-drawing
  12. Reel Money

    Me too, my local pub only ever seemed to have Barcrest's, guess it was an agreement with the brewery. They seemed to cycle all through the 'action' range then later MPU4s like Viva Espania and Winner takes it all. Only JPM of that era I played a lot was Switchback if we were in a different pub.
  13. Silver Classic

    What started with a touch up job quickly evolved into a bigger redraw than planned, bit of smudging and ambient lighting and you'll never know...
  14. Reel Money

    Also know as 'Tablecloth DXs' There's been some funny phrases coined over the years.
  15. Razzle Dazzle DX

    You're welcome Richard, good to see you got here in the end. 😳