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  1. A few people have messaged me regarding this one lately, not had much FME time lately but grabbed a couple of hours today and started to re-create sections of the flyer that were unsalvageable. It will come this year, promise
  2. I get that, I have zero patience/interest in classics and could never do what you do, every peg has it's hole.
  3. Thanks Chloe, have you ever thought of doing a DX? This might be a good place to try, nice square lamps everywhere, no masking required apart from crazy text and the dice. Give it a try, there loads of people here who are willing help I'm sure.
  4. I did! Have art prepped for the £75 version and had a classic 95% done. Cloe seems to be coming up with the right goods lately to re-spark interest in all my old WIPs, reckon she hacked my HD to see what's been collecting dust.
  5. Continued with what I had planned with my cabinet workaround, close enough I reckon.
  6. Absolutely, progress stopped early this year as there was an issue with the digis showing correctly in the emu. Wizard spotted the issue and fixed a few updates ago, never really got back to it and HTS hasn't been about much lately. Thanks for taking the time to get this one out there.
  7. Ohh brilliant thanks for this Clo, myself and HTS were working on this too, so look for a summer DX now
  8. Banging old MPS2 machine from JPM for you to play with whilst not being able to move due to copious amounts of turkey, chocs & booze. Have a great break with friends and family & hoping you all a healthy & prosperous new year! ****************************************** Reel Money DX ****************************************** Released - 2019 Author - Dave Pook Manufacturer - JPM Stake - 10p Jackpot - £4 ****************************************** Shortcuts... 0 - Enter £1 9 - Enter 20p Token `/U - Cancel/Nudge Up 1 - Hold/Nudge 1 2 - Hold/Nudge 2 3 - Hold/Nudge 3 H - Super Hold G - Stop/Gamble N - Nudgematic S - Shuffle Space - Start/Take It ****************************************** Thanks to... @Stiffy1231 - Existing DX @pete_w - Classic @stonyat421 - Photos @Big J - Testing @Wizard - MFME & Tech help ****************************************** www.dxcellent.com Reel Money DX.zip
  9. 2019 has indeed been a purple patch for FME, here's to that continuing into the new decade, hard to believe some of us would've been doing this for 20yrs soon. Hope everyone has a great xmas & new year breaks with friends and family. I'm off to the inlaws tomorrow for a few days and xmas, I'll try to sneak something out xmas day (although that might just be the sprouts). Then over to south wales for a further few days for New Year, be glad to get back to work in Jan for a rest, I'm sure we'll all have some extra pounds to shake off.
  10. If you're sat on it in 6 months and still don't have the time send it over. I'd never release a DX within 6 months of the classic so it gets s good airing.
  11. Thanks Reg, I really feel this machine needs some Leslie Phillips samples.
  12. No backup, I really should've cut one lamp out and saved a test as I'm sure it would've crashed then as the background file alone was 60meg. I have all the prepped art still so can just reduced and start again, I will return to it at some point. Ironically when it crashed all I heard in my head was this..... indy.wav
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