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  1. This has been kicking about my hard drive too long, been putting off doing anything to it due to various issues but spent a bit of time today getting them to a playable state. Set up the dual linked system in the emu, first time I tried that, works really well. Although playing two machines at the same time is stressful!
  2. Pook

    Count Down - BFM - SYS83

    Cascade too When you grab some pics of black hole, would love this too
  3. Don't forget your slice of lemon and gold brick!
  4. Pook

    Count Down - BFM - SYS83

    New reels & super fiddly transparent reel overlays showing bands on glass.
  5. I never re-released these as they are super old and crap, burn them. There are more recent and better version now available by other designers.
  6. You know I do it just for you Steve!
  7. Cabbed and ready for lamping...
  8. More Mayagy MMM goodness
  9. Looks like @Amot can supply me some decent Black Hole pics, also been offered today some Maygay - Wild Hold pics, who said isolation can be boring
  10. Pook

    Count Down - BFM - SYS83

    All cabbed up and no place to go
  11. Bottom glass complete
  12. Nice, cracking machine too. Do you have a decent cab? I can pass you the one I used for Indy if you need.
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