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  1. Pook

    70s & 80s Toys, Books, Magazines.

    We just used to detach the guns from the table and run round the house shooting ball bearings at each others, sometimes wonder how we even made it into the 80s.
  2. Pook

    70s & 80s Toys, Books, Magazines.

    My evil kinevel figure was always missing from the box, I'd always find it in the bedroom of my sisters Sindy house. Bit disturbing really.
  3. Pook

    70s & 80s Toys, Books, Magazines.

    Oh I had one of those Evil Kinevel bikes, also loved my pink panther car, used to go like the clappers.
  4. Pook

    70s & 80s Electronic Toys

    Wow I had a firefox, thought it was the bollocks back then. I remember having a small white handheld, sure it was by granstand but had a nintendo feel to it, was based on a dracula theme where you had to reach the top of various floors and staircases whilst dodging baddies, think castlevania meets donkey kong.
  5. Pook

    classic films,tv shows and cartoons

    Watching the Ulysess intro earlier reminded me of a couple other classics with catchy tunes I watched.... Dodgy lyrics that Jimmy Saville would be proud of...
  6. Pook

    classic films,tv shows and cartoons

    Quality list, you can add Automan & Manimal too.
  7. Pook

    Bullseye DX - Associated Lesuire - MPU3

    Lol c'mon, second times a charm.
  8. Pook

    YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    Thanks Choppers
  9. Pook

    Best joystick

    Oh I had one of those blue konix ones, loved it. Played Bruce Lee for hours on it. Nintendo so ripped it off with the nunchuck. Don't know how many quickshot 2s I went through playing decathlon. Anyone else used to hold it upside down by the base and shake the b'jesus out of it while running?
  10. Pook

    Hi everyone.

    Long time Rebo, welcome back.
  11. Wow, PC babies would love this one....
  12. Pook

    80's arcade games

    Haha, good spot buddeh.