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  1. Pook

    DX'Cellent release quiz

    Time for a clue.... The last person I'd expect to get this right would be @wearecity
  2. Pook

    DX'Cellent release quiz

    It's a good answer, but everyone wrong so far.
  3. Pook

    Cash Ahoy Club

    Thanks Reg, here's the flyer if nobody has seen machine..
  4. Pook

    DX'Cellent release quiz

    ok fixed, Bradley Walsh has nothing to worry about does he.
  5. Pook

    DX'Cellent release quiz

    Round 8.... Chopaholic - 1 evo - 4 wearecity - 1 infection - 1 A guess quizmaster sent this to me, I could not identify it, so you 'orrible lot are screwed now!
  6. Pook

    DX'Cellent release quiz

    Seriously? I think you have a problem and it's time for an intervention! Oh, and well done, I suppose 😤
  7. Pook

    DX'Cellent release quiz

    Next one... Chopaholic - 1 evo - 3 wearecity - 1 infection - 1
  8. Pook

    DX'Cellent release quiz

    Correct Powerlines But please post one answer then wait till I reply, anyone could cut and paste 250 machines and get it right.
  9. Pook

    DX'Cellent release quiz

    Haha yes sorry
  10. Pook

    DX'Cellent release quiz

    Round 5... Chopaholic - 1 evo - 3 wearecity - 1
  11. Pook

    DX'Cellent release quiz

    Oh well done that man! Just to the right of the Alpha
  12. Pook

    DX'Cellent release quiz

    Nobody close so far, ok so I might of rotated this one slightly but apart from that nothing else.
  13. Pook

    Electric Deams

    Did anyone watch this BBC documentary about 6yrs ago? A family's house was converted back to the 70's with all the authentic gadgets from back in the day, they were moved through time a year everyday, into the 80's and through to the 90's. All three episodes below, watch the first 2 mins of the first video to see the shows premise better. Found this show fascinating at the time watching with my daughter's face in horror and I explained how amazing these things were. After watching one episode I drove straight to argos and bought a sandwich toaster as I remembered how much I missed it.