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  1. Don't you just hate it when you have been trying to figure out something for ages trying everything you possibly can to get something working then all of a sudden when you ask for help it suddenly dawns on you what it might be. Well today was one of those days. It seems it was trying to run on my intergrated graphics and not the dedicated graphics card. Set my global options in the nvidia control panel to use the nvidia card and not the intel intergrated one. Ran it. No errors about vertexprogam. Game runs. FFS...….
  2. I have attached a txt file with the output from the command line window to see if that can shed any light on the missing textures. It says about a vertex shader program and opengl error OR2.txt
  3. Just to add I have used GameLoader from emuline and still no joy
  4. So I've been using Teknoparrot for quite a while now and have a fair few games. Most run without errors or glitches etc except for OutRun 2. I have an nvidia card and have downloaded from numerous sources OR2 but still get the same missing graphics with the game. Anyone know how to fix? I have the latest graphics drivers too. This game has me stumped.
  5. Bit late to the party here but thanks anyway. Really nice to see an update of so long. Been in this scene from the beginning and seen so much drama surrounding this emulator. So nice to see its still being developed
  6. Does anyone know how to fix the dice reel in this as its not lined up properly?
  7. Hi all, I've been out of the scene for a few years and I'm so happy to see a new MFME release. Can anyone give me a quick rundown of whats been happening? I know the new MFME uses a new layout format .fml but all the layouts I have are from the old versions of MFME and use the .dat format which obviously now no longer work in the new emu. Is there a conversion tool the same as one for the JPEmu .jel layouts or will the old layouts need redoing? What techs does the new emu cover now? Thanks
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