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  1. Here it is if anyone wants to run it through the CONVERT-O-MAGICO tool. Big Cash Machine DX.zip
  2. Aye I've got it in my JPeMU collection.
  3. Ha! That's the fella, jackpot first board Thanks Wizard.
  4. Ahhh yes it seems to think it has no tokens in it. (This is both doors open and then into test mode.)
  5. Hi J thanks for that the ROMs are runners It seems to be blocking token wins though so maybe there's a bit of extra trickery involved? I'll keep trying but £50 in up to now and it won't allow the blue or red sevens, and it just keeps using the mystery at the end of the trail to give GOLD FEVER which is a forced win and always £3 or less.
  6. Hi wearecity, Thanks for this, is there any chance it could be got working with the £6 ROMs? The £8 upgrade of this was horrible I've tried loading in the £6 ROMs from the old JPeMu layout, but the machine just doesn't boot at all. Does it need a different jackpot value in the .GAM file perhaps? I've tried a few different values for it (including 11, which is what Big Banker uses for a £6 jackpot) but no dice. Cheers! Bonanza.zip
  7. And just for the record, here is the very pretty jackpot sequence
  8. Already linked in the release threads but just adding the link here to keep all the video links in this one thread
  9. Many thanks vectra, always great to see one of these classic Impulses get the full DX treatment
  10. Many thanks Tommy, I've really been enjoying playing this one
  11. After a rather rude diversion into online slotting for a few weeks, it's back to the fruit machine emulation!
  12. Horrible nasty bug on a new BTG slot.
  13. Dodgy goings on at Videoslots!....
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