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  1. Ahhh right that explains it, when I went to put money in to start the actual gameplay, nothing happened! (You might have noticed a jump in the video there, as I edited out the bit where I was wondering why no credits were going in, and it goes straight from attract mode to 5 credits after I'd reloaded the layout.) Hope I got the technical stuff about the 68000 correct
  2. Sticking with early 90s curiosities for this video
  3. You got any more of these weird machines tucked away anywhere Clo?
  4. Ahhh yes and any win over £3 is indeed paid in tokens, I'm calling AWP
  5. Thanks for this Clo very interesting, however, I'm minded to think it's a video AWP as opposed to an SWP. The jackpot appears to be capped at £6 (i.e. AWPs of the time), and going through the menus, it's set to 86% which is way above what SWPs used to be set to. Also, the gameplay is more AWP than SWP for my money, it's more like a sort of Screenplay game than an actual SWP. Also it says 'Cash + Tokens' when you open the doors, and tokens were never a thing on SWPs. What do others think?
  6. Good evening Mr Raymondo, did this sort of shenanigans work on the machine Dirty Dozen?
  7. Hurrah, the riddle is solved Cheers Wizard!
  8. Many thanks for this Wizard but it seems to be paying out far too much, I've put nearly £600 through it and it's paid out 101.63%. Most of this has been with autoplay and I haven't been doing any tricks or methods. If I stop autoplay and play manually, it usually has a bit of value in it, even though it's well behind percentage already. I get that a machine might take a bit of time to settle down but £600 for a £6 AWP seems excessive! Any ideas?
  9. Thanks Clo Fascinating to see that more than one machine used this screen!
  10. Hey there Compost, I've uploaded quite a few early ROMs and the layouts for them to this sub-forum here, just look for threads started by me Basically anything that you see on the channel running previously unavailable ROMs, will have been uploaded by me to here. http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/forum/19-layout-ramgam-files/
  11. Yes there was also a 'Super' Play It Again that was PIA but on the Sys1 tech and really clonky and shit with Sys1 style sounds and general shittery. ACE certainly knew how to get some extra mileage out of redundant bits and pieces they found in the back of a cupboard.....
  12. It's taken me a while to get round to this one, wearecity sorted the layouts for me months ago! I always get there in the end though!......
  13. I've gone all modern and done PLAYLISTS for the channel, a mere 74 years after wearecity suggested it would be a good idea. I'll finesse them a bit as time goes on (the Gambling Low Ebbs videos are currently in the 'Fruit Machine Emulation and Fruit Machines' category, I think I'll do a 'Degsy's Storytime' category and stick stuff like that in there), but it's better than it was. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvDcvVVsvmgRBVeIVT8QgDQ/playlists
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