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  1. I've had the jackpot a couple of times off the 'Stable Door' feature, it goes super slow when it wants you to have a jackpot. I've also gambled to the jackpot from a hold after nudges on treble bars. Winners Enclosure seems to guarantee a tenner as well. I'll get a video done on this one tonight if I get chance. Do note it's running Whitbread ROMs which are very flat profile. (Watch the dot matrix when it boots up.)
  2. Accompanying video.... This wanted over £120 from a factory reset to do the £20 jackpot board! £20_WIN_READY.zip
  3. MPU4 Video fun with this one, Prize Space Invaders with a £20 jackpot, from 1991
  4. I remember this one very well, specifically, I remember it shredding me on more than one occasion. I even the remember the pub where the muggings occurred, although it appears to not be a pub anymore. It destroyed me so badly on one occasion I had to lie to my employer that I'd lost my wage packet (which I'd just done in the pubs on the day I got paid), and ask for an advance on next week's wages. One of the main culprits was On The Box. I can only assume there was something on it because it was hands down one of the worst kickings a £6 jackpot machine ever dished out to me, truly brutal stuff, I remember sweating and shaking as it took the last of my wage off me, money that was supposed to last an entire week. Fun times! Thanks for the layout Chloe, shame it's mute as it had a decent sound package, not that I was really appreciating it much at the time!
  5. Consider me very, very excited Definitely one of my 'most wanted' FME releases ever, remember it so clearly back in the day
  6. Out of interest wearecity what was it about this machine that put it in your most wanted list? Captain Caveman (remember him from the FF days?) doesn't like it as much as we do
  7. Turned this one around as quick as I could, so not the best edit I've ever done. I've tried to get the sound mix as good as possible though Thanks to all who made this layout a reality!
  8. Cheers Mort it seems fine in fairness, I just had my online slot too loud...... Holy fuckballs the sample pack on this machine is good, as soon as I can hoof Mrs Chopaholic and Chopaholic Jnr up to the in-laws, I'm getting my wine on and making a video.
  9. Is there a way to adjust the volume on this machine? I don't mean 'just turn your PC's volume up' but actually getting into the internal menus to increase the volume as you would on the real machine. I can't find it when the doors are open or when it's in refill mode either. Cheers
  10. Also a new computer will hopefully have a working caps lock key.
  11. Oohhh now here's one I have very clear memories of, will definitely be giving this one a decent play. Can I just ask wearecity, what was the missing piece of the puzzle from an emulation perspective that allows it to run now, where it didn't before?
  12. It's an absolute fucking nightmare to trap the chipped £70s and £100s, I was sent the method back in the day as I had a chipped £70er in a pub near me. Can't remember the details TBH but I couldn't get it to work anyway, the machine just seemed to squirm out of the trap even when it was in the position where it should let itself be trapped. Possible I was doing it wrong of course!
  13. Thanks for the release of these unpolishable turds!
  14. Kiss My Axe was deemed to be offensive when it was on test so they changed it to Swing My Axe.
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