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  1. After a rather rude diversion into online slotting for a few weeks, it's back to the fruit machine emulation!
  2. Horrible nasty bug on a new BTG slot.
  3. Dodgy goings on at Videoslots!....
  4. Last one on this, for almost certain!
  5. A deeper dive into The Italian Job 2 (with the actual emptier this time!), and also Maygay's shifty control methods in general. The word 'illegal' has been used more than once over the years....
  6. Hmmm, can someone try this for me please, I appear to have broken it..... Just get any win, and it'll reset itself. (Or it does for me at least.) I think it might be when it tries to do an invincible board (it's had £191 in and £6 out), it was working OK, I was just trying to force out Coconut Shy on the left hand side, and then it started resetting itself it on any reel win. Going_Ape.zip
  7. So having just given this a little play, the first thing that I realised is there's no way this can be done like an Alien, because it doesn't have a bonus gamble! (It also doesn't have a £1 stake option.) It exhibits a lot of the same behaviour as an Alien in how it lets you move around the board, when it'll take an Extra Life off you and stuff like that, but without the bonus gamble (which was 100% pivotal to the Alien method), there's no way this can be done like one. (That's not to say there isn't something else on it though.) Alien was already a dire machine, only made interesting by the rip on it, remove that from the equation and...... Yeah, not much left Also, are they recycling music and sounds from Big Game/Rumble In The Jungle here - I believe they are! (Big Game was a £10 machine originally, wasn't it?) Thanks for the release Reg, definitely something of a curiosity, but not a machine go down as a classic I fear!
  8. Cheers Reg Looks similar to Alien but certainly isn't a clone, not sure if it plays the same, will give it a go when I get chance. Pic of the real thing in case there isn't one knocking around, I grabbed this at a local arcade last year (the machine has gone now).
  9. Sorry I haven't been around much recently, IRL stuff going on including that very busy work period I mentioned in the one year anniversary video in December! Got this video recorded and edited together about 10 days ago though, have just spaced out the video releases rather than bunch it up with the two Ted videos. I don't have anything else 'in the tank' as it were at the moment, so the next video will be when I get one made
  10. I don't usually post links to the online slots videos here, but this one might be of interest as it's billed as a 'Pub Fruit AWP' with a 1000x stake jackpot!
  11. Thanks wearecity, much appreciated
  12. Cheers Tommy, but they're the old M1A/B Maygays
  13. Hello folks, Can anyone assist with these two layouts please? They give a HOPPER EMPTY error whenever I try to collect a bank, this behaviour is observed in V3.0, V3.2 and V5.1, I have gone into refill mode with the doors open and it thinks the hopper is full but any attempt to collect a bank in normal play results in the error. It's probably a checkbox or suchlike or a number that needs filling in somewhere but as observed in the Sys-5 Megaplay video that Wizard had to avert his gaze from, I'm not very good at stuff like this..... Cheers! TGE_TIJ.zip
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