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  1. many thanks Reg another scorching classic
  2. many thanks Reg, happy new year to you and yours
  3. casbox1

    My first pc computer

    my first pc was given to me by a family friend who was a printer/graphic designer by trade,so i was blessed with a DX2 cpu running at a blistering 66Mhz,24Mb of EDO ram,a massive 540Mb HDD, a 2x cd rom and a 1 meg trident vga card and windows 3.11. i was well chuffed with it at the time ahhh happy days!!
  4. oh my days...pocketeers - remember this one anyone ? (just to add, Reg when can we expect a DX of this from you mate )
  5. too many to list,but ill try a few : invaders,chase hq,wonder boy,defender,phoenix,galaga,....the list could go on
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