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  1. thanks for this reg i always wanted to try and make a machine i did try and edit an old game once as to learn how it worked but didnt have a scooby lol there is no download link for the book is it still available i would like a go in my spare time to create somthink some 7 wheel fruity that pays big lol found the download link gana ave a butchers
  2. scu11y69

    top 10 machines

    1 HalfnHalf (pcp) 2 line up 3 reel crazy 4 silver ghost 5 smash n grab 6 eachway nudger 7 ding dong bells multi player 8 bar x 9 grab the bank 10 old 3 reel machine with big round plastic red yellow and black buttons lol 3 bells 40p jack pot and many many more :) im off to win some tokens out of reel crazy now had to be done after thinking about machines
  3. razzle dazzle is a great slot i used to play this in my local chip shop mid 80s im sure there was another slot very similar with the gamble reoulette also in the 80s cant remember the name at the mo
  4. Hi henry99 you are correct mate these great releases save you a few quid nothink better then walking away a winning and with these machines you just keep playing to you win
  5. Hi All Another new site for fruit machines great stuff:) hooked already hope it pays £2 jackpot in tokens
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