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  1. Managed a straight force for mega streak, 90 in for 55 streak. Few quid later got super hold bonus. Fingers messed it up a couple of times then it hung and gave me an error Alarm BC -BC then <NULL>, Then the display is full of 'u''s. What have I done?
  2. Same here as well, even in demo mode. Shame - really liked hearing the old big game noises, bought back happy memories.
  3. In case it is of use to anyone, layouts for Fairground, Hagar, Popeye and Popeyes treasure hunt. £6, 20p (as mentioned above 1 is mute) - converted to version 6.1 with reels straitened. (Obviously could not test for faults). Not to sure where these came from, sorting old dvd's and came upon them. Now just got to check the 1,820 other folders for good machines !!!!! jpm_sys_5.zip
  4. I have £6 dx layouts for popeye (and popeyes treasure hunt), hagar, circus and fairground but no roms - have had a look around but can only find them complete with the layouts. To save bandwith and duplication issues where is the best rom place?
  5. Many thanks, hopefully I can use this to learn some of the ins and outs for any future help I could give to the scene.
  6. Nice and colorful, a fun way to lose an hour or two. Many Thanks.
  7. Found a copy of return of the pink panther, had a 1.1 fault - was your's fixed or did you run it with cash door open?
  8. Seeing that a layout did exist inspired me to spend days searching through many backup dvd,s. Did not find a copy of the layout, but found these pics - maybe someone could work a bit of magic?
  9. I have had a good look around but can not find one, was there ever a layout for the original red £3 pink panther done?
  10. Very interested, looks sweet - cant wait to loose a few in it...
  11. Many thanks, brings back a lot of memories (not many good)...
  12. Wow - brings back happy memories of traveling fairs in the 90's. Many Thanks
  13. A very nice release, just right for a chilly Sunday on the PC. Many Thanks
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